Serotonin is a vital chemical messenger that carries information between your brain’s nerve cells and throughout your body. Various bodily functions rely on it, including for mood regulation, digestion, sleep, recovery, wound healing and blood clotting, sexual function and libido. Balanced serotonin levels are key to your ongoing physical and mental wellbeing. If your serotonin … Read more

Lion’s Mane Mushroom


Our nutritionist and nootropic expert James Dixon takes a look at Lion’s Mane Mushroom, examines its benefits and why you might considering consuming in daily. Lion’s mane mushrooms are white mushrooms that look a lot like a lion’s head as they grow, their shaggy shape resembling a wild mane. They can be used in cooking, … Read more

Nooceptin Review: 2023 Edition


Summary: Nooceptin Review Nooceptin is, without a doubt, a good supplement. Far better than your average “memory and focus” stack. With a handful of smartly selected all-natural nootropics, Nooceptin may help with both daily and long-term cognitive health and performance, namely in terms of memory, mood, and focus. Some of these ingredients (which rank among … Read more

BDNF Supplements


Alex Whybrow examines the best BDNF supplements to improve the production of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor as well as explaining ways to naturally produce more of this crucial neurotrophic protein. BDNF, or Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor to give it its full name, is absolutely vital in keeping our brains healthy and performing at their best. It is … Read more

Alpha BRAIN Vs. Mind Lab Pro


Alpha BRAIN vs. Mind Lab Pro Both Alpha BRAIN and Mind Lab Pro, two big-name supplements in the nootropics industry, have many bio-benefits, particularly in terms of cholinergic benefits. Mind Lab Pro, however, outperforms Alpha BRAIN in several areas, such as quality, transparency and value. Onnit Alpha BRAIN, despite being popular, is largely overrated. Mind … Read more



The amino acid L-theanine can be found in teas, fungi and other foods. The human body creates protein using amino acids. For good health, the body needs 20 amino acids. Combining these amino acids creates different proteins strands. They are the basic building blocks for life. Theanine, a naturally occurring amino-acid, is similar to glutamate. … Read more



DMAE is believed to be able to boost your mood, enhance your overall brain function, and particularly bolster your memory function. Some even claim that it can fight the effects of aging on your skin. These are all incredible benefits, especially as they pertain to your cognitive function and brain health. If they are true, … Read more



James Dixon examines dopamine in depth to discover what exactly it is, and its effects on us. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter, is often used as a chemical messenger or hormone. It is important for our sense of well-being, reward, and pleasure. It is therefore also essential to our motivation, interest, enjoyment, and focus. You need to … Read more

Chamomile For Anxiety


Alex Whybrow examines he calming effects of Chamomile for anxiety. He also shares with us one of his favorite recipes for his calm inducing Chamomile tea – don’t miss it below… There isn’t a person on this planet that doesn’t experience anxiety at one time or another. It’s awful, isn’t it? That feeling of unease … Read more

Mood Boosting Substances


James Dixon, a nootropics expert and mood booster on the current market gave us his opinion on what he thought were the top mood-boosting supplements. Good moods can come and go. A good mood can be fleeting, difficult to maintain, and hard to pinpoint. Even in the most favorable of circumstances, depression, anxiety, fatigue or … Read more