What Is The Best Source Of Nootropic Choline?

Nootropic Choline
Choline is a good source of cognition, brain health and energy.

What is the best source of nootropic choline?

The foundational nutrient for the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter (and phosphatidylcholine, a cell membrane unit). Choline Choline is essential for cognitive health. Which nootropic Choline Supplement is Best? Best Buy? Citicoline is my favourite among the three common nootropics — alpha-GPC and choline-bitartrate — because it contains both cytidine and choline. Cytidine is the precursor of the nootropic, uridine. Alpha-GPC makes a good choline-rich supplement, but what about choline bitartrate. Do not bother.

Nootropic forums are awash with discussion about this topic.

What is the best form of Choline What is the best?

This is a very simple question that has divided many fans of nootropics (what exactly do you mean? “petty”? ?). This article will examine the natural and additional sources of choline and then make a judgment call as to which is best. Think I’m thinking The best is.

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We will not pit Choline Bitartrate The following are some examples of the use of Alpha GPC You can also find out more about the following: CDP Choline (Citicoline) — i.e. The most commonly available choline donors.

Let’s start:

What is Choline and Why do You Need It?

Many nootropic stacks include choline, and with good reason.

The brain can make neurotransmitters with this essential nutrient acetylcholineAcetylcholine helps communication between neurons and additional choline can optimise the brain, aiding memory, boosting processing speed, improving attention span and increasing concentration. Acetylcholine is essential for communication between neuronal cells. Additional choline will optimize the brain by improving memory, processing speed, thinking, and attention span. We are not overstating things when we say that without the acetylcholine, you can’t sleep, think, or remember.

Choline can also be used in the synthesizing of other substances PhosphatidylcholineIt is a component that makes up the cell membranes of all the cells in our body. It’s important, yes. PC also acts as a choline reservoir that can be used to produce more acetylcholine, if necessary.

Choline: Benefits and Uses

Choline was given to healthy women between the ages of 40 and 60 by researchers at University of Utah’s Brain Institute. They showed a marked improvement in their cognition, as measured by how they answered questions on a test.

Also, choline is used in the treatment of head injuries, brain vascular disorders, and age-related declines. Most of the choline research appears to focus on its therapeutic uses, rather than recreational cognitive enhancements.

A staggering Choline deficiency is believed to affect 90% of the population Statistics from the United States, although I cannot imagine a big difference in statistics between other countries like Canada, Australia, or even Britain …). A choline deficiency may lead to cognitive impairment, fatigue, headaches, and memory loss. Choline supplement, in effect, may reverse such side effects.

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The Food Sources Of Choline

choline-sources-best-food-sourcesIt is difficult to get enough choline from our natural diet. Phosphatidylcholine is a lipid that includes choline. However, it’s one of the less efficient sources, with just 13% by weight of actual choline (meaning, only 13% becomes choline within the body). Lecithin is another source that has only 6-10% of pure choline.

For example, it would take you EIGHT eggs yolks per day to achieve the recommended daily intake of choline… and, honestly, that’s not far from what I do.

Choline is a supplement that many people prefer.

This is the question: You can also find out more about WWhich one is it?

Choline Bitartrate vs Alpha GPC vs CDP Choline

Choline Bitartrate

Mmm yummy

Choline bitartrate This is the cheapest, most economical form of choline you can purchase. It contains 41% choline in weight. To illustrate, 2,000mg of cholinebitartrate would be equivalent to 800mg of choline. This is good news.

Choline bitartrate doesn’t have the cognitive benefits you need. The body benefits from it as it raises levels of systemic Choline. However, the brain is not affected (because the choline bitartrate does not reliably increase levels of neural Choline or cross the blood-brain barriers). This is probably just as good for your brain as foods high in choline.

Choline is also found in another form known as choline citrate.

Choline bitartrate can be added to racetams in a pinch. However, there are stronger alternatives.

Alpha GPC (Citicoline) and CDP Choline are two popular options (superior). Both can be used with racetams, but they can also be taken on their own.

Alpha GPC

Choline is the true alpha of all choline forms

Alpha GPC It is an acetylcholine-precursor, which means that, when Alpha GPC metabolizes by the body it produces more of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, as a side product. Alpha GPC is 40 percent choline, which means that 1000 mg gives 400 milligrams of choline.

The price may be higher, but the concentration is greater so you won’t require as much. Alpha GPC has also been shown to be the most easily absorbed choline supplement by the brain. The supplement is also considered to be safe and has very little toxicity.

Read my Alpha GPC review here.

CDP Choline (Citicoline)

If you didn’t know, Choline and Cytidine are the same thing

The paper CDP Choline (Citicoline) It’s not as powerful as Alpha GPC because it only contains 18% choline in weight as opposed to Alpha GPC which has 40%. However, it punches well above its weight (see what I mean? It is also an uridine-supplement.

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Let me explain. CDP Choline breaks down to create free choline You can also find out more about the following: cytidine. In humans, the latter quickly converts to uridine. Uridine is also a powerful nootropic.

We know that choline plays a vital role in the brain. But uridine, which is a nootropic, is one of the most effective for promoting synaptic plasticity. This allows neurons to create new connections. Low levels of uridine can affect memory functions. It’s heavily involved with memory storage, creation and retrieval.

Uridine is also helpful in PC development. CDP Choline is a nootropic that can boost choline concentrations in the brain better than straight Choline.

What is the Best option?

Here’s the big question. What is the best source of Choline?

Choline Bitartrate, the most affordable nootropic available, is a good choice if money is an issue. However, it is not very useful for this purpose.

The two acetylcholine supplementations that are strong enough to compete head-to-head remain:

GPC and CDP are similar

  • Choline Bitartrate cannot reliably increase neural levels (unlike Alpha GPC or CDP Choline).
  • GPC and CDP both occur as natural forms of Choline
  • Both aid in the production of PC and acetylcholine
  • The two supplements work together to keep the cell membranes fluid.
  • Alpha GPC Choline and CDP Choline both have been shown to be effective. help cognitive declineThe former is more efficient, but the latter may also be effective

What are the differences between GPC and CDP?

  • Alpha GPC contains 40% more choline than CDP, which is 18-19%.
  • CDP Choline compensates for this by being both a choline and uridine product.
  • Alpha GPC is a proven way to improve the release. Growth Hormone In the Body
  • Both sources of Choline are produced naturally by the body, but they function in slightly different manners. Alpha GPC occurs as a result of the breakdown of PC, while CDP Choline and Citicoline are produced during PC synthesis.

What is the best source of nootropic choline?

choline-soources-best-judgementWhich version, considering all the similarities and differences above, would I choose personally? Both Alpha GPC Choline and CDP Choline make excellent supplements. They both increase neural levels of Choline. This helps to improve the cell membranes, and boost neurotransmitter production.

You can’t go wrong either way. In many respects, they are both equal. It’s best to try a few different ones to see which one you like the most. Many people have a favourite. If we look at popularity, then I would say that CDP Choline (Citicoline) Just pips it the post.


It is my choice as well, because you get to enjoy two of the best nootropics all in one. Citicoline is a great nootropic, as long as you use the correct dose.

This is also an excellent choice if your medication includes acetylcholine-receptor stimulants such as Noopept. Piracetam. CDP Choline will make sure that your body is supplied with enough choline for the racetam, and you won’t experience brain burnout.

You can win: Personal preference, CDP Choline (Citicoline).

Read my Citicoline Review here.

Choline Nootropics: Best Supplements to Choline

It is not enough to eat choline rich foods. A nootropic ingredient containing choline is one thing. If you want to enhance your cholinergic cognition, the best thing that you can do is take a supplement with nootropics choline and other cholinergic pathway enhancements. Choline is a major component of many nootropics. If you are looking for nootropics that contain choline, then here’s what you need to know:

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro nootropic supplementThe product contains a strong dose of 250mg citicoline, as well-researched Cognizin (r). Mind Lab Pro Choline is available in many different nootropic supplements. The combination of Mind Lab Pro’s Citicoline and Mind Lab Pro’s citicoline provides a powerful standard extract. Bacopa monnieri, which improves the brain’s acetylcholine status by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase, the enzyme responsible for acetylcholine breakdown.

Mind Lab Pro is a powerful tool that allows you to:

  1. Citicoline boosts the levels of acetylcholine.
  2. Bacopa Monnieri increases acetylcholine levels.

Acetylcholine and more Active acetylcholine. Only two out of the 11 Mind Lab Pro ingredients have bio-benefits. This stack boosts brainpower in all directions — including cholinergic.

Check out my detailed review of Mind Lab Pro.

You want some? Mind Lab Pro – Get the best deal!

Performance Lab Mind

Performance Lab Mind ReviewIt is a simplified version Mind Lab Pro. Performance Lab Mind The product contains four ingredients that are also found in MLP: Citicoline, Phosphatidylserine, N-Acetyl L’Tyrosine and Maritime Pine Bark extract (standardized at 95% proanthocyanidins).

Performance Lab Mind’s choline is a pure citicoline. Performance Lab Mind does not have the same cholinergic variety as Mind Lab Pro. However, because it takes a simpler approach to choline, Performance Lab Mind is essentially an improved premium version of citicoline. You can easily combine it with other cholinergic supplements, especially if you have a multi-supplement stack.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract, which boosts your brain and sharpens attention, is also included. P-Lab Mind is a powerful little package.

Performance Lab Mind Review: Read in depth my review.

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