The Science Of Nootropic Stacking

Understanding how nootropics work is simple enough. It operates by altering the specific parts of your nervous system, particularly in the production of neurotransmitters and receptors. To give you the desired effects, these nootropic supplements target the Glutamatergic, Dopamine, Cholinergic, and Serotonin systems of the brain. By doing so, you are able to enhance the specific cognitive processes. So, by taking certain nootropics, you have the ability to improve your imagination, heighten your reasoning skills, and even give you enhance concentration.

Of course, that in itself is a major achievement. However, there is actually a method that you could try to augment these effects even further. This is called nootropic stacking.Now, stacking involves taking multiple supplements at once. This is so that the chemical reactions they generate individually can play off each other, making the enhancements noticeably better.

For instance, if you want improved concentration, focus, and energy you should take caffeine. However, overdoing it can lead to anxiety and irritability. Luckily, you can stack your caffeine with L-Theanine to get rid of these negative aspects.

By stacking your supplements, you have the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of nootropic use without the negative side effects.

The post The Science of Nootropic Stacking first appeared on The Doctor’s Health and Nootropics Blog.

The post The Science of Nootropic Stacking appeared first on The Doctor’s Health and Nootropics Blog.

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