Nootropics For Nerve Growth Factor: 2023 Edition

nootropics for nerve growth factor
A CT scan showing a brain that is gushy and mushy.

Restore cognitive performance with these NGF boosters

My friends would tell me that when I was in college and used to watch TV while hammering the temples with a heavy hammer or drinking straight whiskey from the bottle, for many hours, they were doing the following: Stop, or you will destroy your entire brain.

The mistaken belief was that the number of brain cells, i.e. neurons, is strictly limited, once the brain development has been completed. While neurons may be delicate and finicky, they don’t just scab up when damaged like skin. The brain has ways to grow new nerve tissue. One of these means is: Nerve growth factor

In the age of transhumanism and materialist materialism, it is obvious that this observation should be followed by: Nootropics can be used to boost nerve growth factors. Although it is difficult to determine the exact extent of how certain nootropics can improve NGF, research has shown that some nootropics have a significant NGF-boosting potential. This is pretty interesting. Which ones? How? What exactly is the problem? You can learn more about it here. NGF, in terms of technical speaking? Below, I will discuss this and much more in detail.

This is the TL:DR version. NGF is a neurotrophin that plays a vital role in the growth and development of the brain, as well as its longevity. When NGF is not active, cognition in general decreases. Certain natural nootropics, while not being considered a treatment, may improve NGF activity, especially in mild cognitive impairment.

What is Nerve Growth Factor?

What is the REAL meaning of nerve growth factor, please?

This is a very simple explanation: NGF plays a role in the growth of nerves.

Here’s an easy definition for you: NGF, or neurotrophin, is a protein that neurons use to activate neuronal activity. It belongs to the class of molecules known as neurotrophins. Neurotrophins are involved in the regulation of growth, development and maintenance as well as proliferation and survival. NGF, along with BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factors), is the most commonly discussed neurotrophin.

Maybe I will do a post on Nootropics that work for BDNF, but here my main focus is NGF. As I mentioned earlier, NGF is a neuropeptide that triggers neuronal activities. This is done by the NGF protein binding to 2 different receptors.NTR receptor.

  • NTRK1 Receiver This receptor signals the neuron receiving it to develop and become a specific cell. Binding of this receptor also blocks self-destruction or apoptosis.
  • p75NTR Receptor While it is not clear how NGF activates this receptor, research suggests that the activation may promote cell growth, differentiation, and even apoptosis.

The brain typically increases NGF levels during metabolic rest and digestion states, as opposed to more excitation-inducing fight or flight conditions. It makes sense. fighting You can also find out more about flightingThe body does not care about spending energy to maintain the brain — Who cares about the neuronal lifespan? ! When rest and relaxation is achieved, e.g. sleep, The GABAergic Brain Cells The NGF promotes the action of (neurons which produce GABA, the inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain that is responsible for “relaxation”.

What are the NGF’s actions?

NGF Mechanisms of Action

NGF is a general term that promotes neurogenesis, The growth of neuronal tissues is similar to the way HGH (human-growth hormone) stimulates muscle development. NGF has more specific mechanisms, such as:

Modulates Synaptic Plasticity

LTP is the process of strengthening a neuronal synapses over time, or more precisely, through persistent usage of that synapse. This connection gets stronger the more active an exchange between neurons (i.e. synapse) is. The strength of the synapse is measured by synaptic polyplcity. NGF modifies the strength of communication between neurons.

NGF modulation of synapticplasticity is often observed in the hippocampal, which is the primary brain organ for memory and learning. It seems to be essential for hippocampal long-term plasticity. The hippocampal memory and learning decrease in the absence of NGF. This indicates the importance of NGF for the growth and maintenance memory-processing neurons.

Keeps Sensory and Sympathetic Neurons

NGF has been found to be a growth factor that promotes the survival and growth of organisms. Sensory peripheral and sympathetic Nerve cells. Sensory neurons transport information between “sense organs” (think of the five senses – touch, scent, sight etc.). The central nervous system. The connection between your sensory neurons and your central nervous system is crucial to your ability to sense your environment. Without this, you might unknowingly bite off your tongue with no pain. Or pass by an attractive lady without tipping the fedora. Sensory perception is affected by a reduction in NGF activity.

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Immune System Regulation

The NGF is important in immune systems, specifically the process of inflammation. Neurotrophin appears to be both. Anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory Effects vary depending on where the immune cell receptor is activated. It is crucial to understand this contradictory duality: NGF activates certain inflammatory immune reactions, but also reduces others that could damage inflamed tissues. Inactivity of NGF within immune cells is one way to cause chronic inflammation.

Discovering NGF: Rita Levi-Montalcini

Rita Levi Montalcini is an OG Geek.

The year 1986 was a landmark for the United States. Rita Levi-Montalcini The discovery of nerve growth factor (as you might have guessed) won her the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. In 1952, the Italian Nobel Laureate (with Stanley Cohen), isolated NGF through her work on cancerous tumours which showed an unusually rapid growth in nervous tissue. It is hard to overstate the impressiveness of her professional and scientific accomplishments. What the nootropics community is most interested in Rita’s work: Her cognitive health and longevity. Rita showed remarkable resilience to cognitive decline that is usually associated with ageing. Some believe that Rita’s ability to resist cognitive decline was due in part to the fact she began self-dosing NGF eye drops as early as 1980. It’s not certain, but it is fitting that she was the oldest Nobel Laureate before her 2012 death at age 103.

What is the impact of NGF on cognition?

What does NGF do for cognition, if it modulates synaptic Plasticity, regulates Immunity and maintains Sensory and Sympathetic Neurons? — Mental performance. NGF seems to be most beneficial for men and women who are on the decline in age-related cognition. NGF appears to be beneficial for the following measures of cognitive performance:

  • Memory Retention NGF improves synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus. Cognitive structures Memory and learning are closely related.
  • The Stress of Repair Chronic stress and even intense levels of it ак умет? Stress (stress) can cause neuronal damage. A study This image shows how NGF repairs tissues that have been damaged by stress.
  • Attention and motivation NGF promotes the structure and survival of cholinergic neuronal cells, such as those in the forebrain basal. These neurons play a major role in motivation, attention and arousal. The NGF may improve cognition related to attention by supporting this structure.

Arguably, NGF affects You can find out more about it here. NGF is fundamentally important for brain development and growth. Improving NGF seems to improve the mental performance metrics listed above, with many indirect benefits. Is NGF something that you can boost using standard nootropics?

According to research, there are several pathways that NGF could be involved in. What are the benefits of nerve growth factor nootropics?

Nootropics and Nerve Growth Factor

The concept of NGF boost is controversial and dubious. Rita Levi Montalcini first isolated NGF in the context of cancer. Some people are concerned that increasing growth factors could increase risky tumours. Natural nootropics that are associated with NGF boosters appear to be generally side-effect free and safe. They may also provide the following benefits.

You will also have better motivation, emotional control and mood. Overall, nootropics which benefit NGF activities generally protect the brain from age-related cognitive degeneration — or injury-related dementia under certain circumstances.

It’s difficult to distinguish between nootropics which directly or indirectly improve NGF activity. Although there is still much to be explored in regards to nootropics affecting NGF, some nootropics may improve NGF naturally include:

Nootropics for Nerve Growth Factor

Lion’s mane Mushroom

Image by Lebrac Lebrac Image [GFDL]From Wikimedia Commons

Lion’s Mane Mushroom You can also find out more about Hericium erinaceusIt is a nootropic mushroom that has a taste similar to seafood and looks like an oily lion’s hair. NGF production can be increased by eating this edible fungus. While brain-healthy shrooms are gaining popularity due to performance enhancing cordyceps and other fungi, Lion’s Mane has a unique ability to increase NGF directly.

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NGF consumed orally has difficulty crossing the blood brain barrier. The bioactive compounds in Lion’s Mane are not heavy enough to reach the brain, but strong enough to activate NGF release and synthesis. Lion’s Mane’s NGF boosters give it two distinct roles in nootropics:

  • Brain Regenerator In the hippocampus in particular, Lion’s Mane’s NGF seems to increase LTP as well as synaptic plasticity that is associated with learning and memory; it also speeds up nerve tissue regeneration.
  • Brain ProtectorAnimal research suggests Lion’s Mane mushroom administration protects brain degeneration against irregular peptide-(protein-)induced impairments.

Overall, Lion’s Mane has significant long-term benefits for neuroprotection and mild cognitive impairments. It is a nootropic that I take daily and early for memory and mood improvement. It is best for age-related decline but still works well under normal conditions.

Learn more about Lion’s Mane mushroom

PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone)

mitochondrion cross section
Ye almighty mitochondrion.

Pyrroloquinoline quinone — Say it five times quickly Better yet — PQQ It is an antioxidant that boosts energy and has a significant potential to increase NGF. PQQ appears to have a number of nootropic activities.

  • Optimizing mitochondrial output
  • The stimulation of the creation of mitochondria
  • Reduce free radical damage
  • Refusing amyloid plaque formation

Yes, you can! stimulating nerve growth factor production.

PQQ is a great energy booster. Instead of relying on synthetic stimulants that are dangerous, PQQ promotes natural energy production to increase brain energy. This brain boost has significant health benefits over the long term. The powerful antioxidant, PQQ, may be related to its promotion of mitochondrial genesis. It also increases NGF production. Research on animals PQQ was found to significantly increase NGF activity “without causing any cytotoxicity” — i.e., adverse side effects.

Combination with antioxidant energy boosters Alpha lipoic Acid, ALCARPQQ may have increased neuroprotective effects and promote NGF, which can result in significant cognitive improvements, especially for older people.

Learn more about PQQ


Like PQQ Phosphatidylserine This is an extremely powerful nootropic that has the potential to enhance cognitive longevity. Although it is apples to oranges comparison, PS has a higher value for me than PQQ. PS, a natural phospholipid that is fundamental for the health and structure of cell membranes, can be taken to support memory or cellular repair. PS levels decrease with age and this affects mental health and cognitive performance.

Supplementing PS can help keep your brain more fresh for longer. PS regulates the health of cell membranes. Protecting NGF receptors

Baby, it’s phospholipids and protein.

The other half of the battle is a healthy NGF expression. It’s also important to have adequate NGF production. The brain cannot produce enough NGF. NGF receptors must be receptive to NGF in order for its neurogenesis effects. NGF also helps to mobilize PS and use it to form the phospholipid layer to help create new neurons.

PS is a protein that protects NGF expression, and NGF uses it to repair and create brain cells.

Phosphatidylserine: More information


Noopept It is an intriguing nootropic. Noopept, although classified as a racetam is actually a compound that’s “racetam like” as it doesn’t conform to the racetam basic structure. However, Noopept has an effect similar to piracetam but in a more enhanced form.

Does Noopept have the same psychostimulating effects as phenylpiracetam? It’s not quite the same, but Noopept is still a very popular choice for nootropic drugs.

Noopept appears to have significant therapeutic benefits in conditions of cognitive impairment. This may be because Noopept stimulates the brain. Expression of NGF and BDNF in the hippocampus. Then, what? Rat hippocampus.) As one rat study found:

  • The hippocampus showed significant neurotrophic factor increases after long-term Noopept administration. Researchers observed that Noopept benefits increased over time, as opposed to tolerance. The researchers concluded that Noopept is a promising drug for preventing cognitive decline in mild cognitive impairment.

Noopept users might be surprised that the NGF/BDNF effects of Noopept potentiated with time. This is because long-term Noopept usage seems to follow a tolerance building up, at least in terms of subjective benefits. If the rat studies are to be believed, then humans with mild cognitive deficits may benefit from Noopept’s NGF/BDNF increases in the hippocampus.

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Noopept: More information

Green Tea Extract

The green tea leaves will last for many days.

Two compounds are of special interest: L-theanine and Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate (EGCG) Perhaps a bit of caffeine Although we shouldn’t get carried away. L-theanine appears to be the most effective nootropic for cognitive enhancement in green tea: enhanced Alpha Brainwave Activity The brain frequencies that are associated with creative, calm thinking. This is a good complement to coffee, as it reduces the side effects of stims while maintaining focus.

Both L-theanine (EGCG) and L-theanine (L), however, seem to enhance NGF activity in a similar way.

  • You can also study with us – theanine-administered rats demonstrated increased LTP and hippocampal NGF activity as compared to placebo.
  • You can also study with us – all green tea polyphenols seem to work synergistically in promoting NGF; however, “epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) alone appreciably potentiated NGF-induced neurite outgrowth.”

Caffeine is another matter. Some manufacturers use “green tea” extract to hide caffeine. Look for a high-polyphenol green tea extract, EGCG, if you can. If you must, use a different source of L theanine in order to increase your L theanine intake. It’s a great nootropic that is well worth your investment.

L-Theanine: More Information

The Best Nootropics for Nerve growth Factor

Nootropics can improve the NGF. Nootropics are great, but the best way to use them is various It is possible to target a specific cognitive result by using different bio-pathways. NGF is a relatively straightforward process; however, increasing NGF levels can be beneficial. You can also find out more about the following: Why not try it out? Here are some of the top nootropics for nerve growth factors.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro nootropic supplementThe nootropics above are a list of the most popular ones Mind Lab Pro The product contains L-theanine, Phosphatidylserine and Sharp-PS (r), as well as other powerful brain boosters. citicoline The antioxidant-rich extract of maritime pine bark (as Cognizin®) is also available.

Mind Lab Pro is a powerful brain booster that targets all the “pressure points” for cognitive enhancement. It does this without resorting to over 30 ingredients or a pricey, outrageously high cost. This is a brain stack that’s incredibly impressive. It contains clean and green ingredients, which are encased within clean, green Plantcaps® capsules. It’s great for healthy brains and cognitive longevity.

You want some? Mind Lab Pro is available here.

Check out my detailed review of Mind Lab Pro.

Performance Lab Energy

Performance Lab Energy ReviewThe PQQ was praised for Naturally, you can also find out more about this by clicking here. The Booster Natural Energy production is preferable to stimulating the brain artificially with stimulants. Performance Lab Energy The same can be achieved with the quality PQQ (as Microencapsulated BIO-Enhanced(r), R-Lipoic acid (as MicroActive Q10(r), or R-Lipoic (as MicroActive Q10(r).

Then some BioPerine (r) black-pepper extract, because hell yeah, this stuff is amazing for improved nutrient absorbtion.

The formula of Performance Lab Energy is designed to provide a synergy for mitochondrial energy enhancement, which may theoretically also benefit NGF via the PQQ entry. This is a great option for clarity and cognitive longevity.

You want some? Performance Lab Energy is available here.

Performance Lab Energy Review: Read in depth.

The conclusion of the article is:

What is the next step for NGF? Nope. Other nootropic substances and compounds may also boost NGF, especially if they are more potent. Semax, for example, consistently boosts BDNF. This neurotrophin is similar to Semax, and may explain the associated risk of hairloss. There’s still a lot to learn about natural NGF boosters.

The following nootropics may help with TBI recovery and concussions: Link here. There is a significant overlap in the topics of NGF and boosting.

Overall, NGF plays a crucial role in brain development and health. NGF boosters aren’t necessary until later in life, when the brain is “recovering”. However, they’re still worth considering, even for healthy users. It’s better to recover than to try to restore — but these NGF boosters appear to do both.

Nootropics: More informationCheck out My Best Pre-Made Nootropic Supplements list. Comment any questions, thoughts, anecdotes or haikus you may have, as well as personal stories, haikus and snafus. Below!

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