Mood Boosting Substances

James Dixon, a nootropics expert and mood booster on the current market gave us his opinion on what he thought were the top mood-boosting supplements.

Good moods can come and go. A good mood can be fleeting, difficult to maintain, and hard to pinpoint. Even in the most favorable of circumstances, depression, anxiety, fatigue or the “blues” can affect us all. There are ways to combat them. We can boost our spirits by doing certain things.

Lifestyle is a major factor. Live healthily, be active, eat healthy, avoid taking on too many responsibilities, and socialize whenever you can. Supplements that boost your mood can be very effective. You can find a wide range of supplements that are designed to improve your mental and cognitive wellbeing. They also boost your mood.

What I found to be the most effective mood-boosting supplements for me.

The #1 Mood Boosting Substance

Noocube Single Bottle

NooCube is the only product I’d ever use. The NooCube is natural, powerful, and extremely well-thought out.

It contains a lot of ingredients that can improve cognitive health. Bacopa monnieri is one of the ingredients that can help reduce stress and fatigue.

This is a great mood-booster that I can’t recommend highly enough.

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Mood Boosting Substances

You’re on to a winner if you have all of your ducks in order and are leading a healthy and active lifestyle with the right medical care and self-care. We don’t have to stop here. You can go further. Here’s where supplements come into play. The modern market has a wide range of supplements that are designed to boost your mood, cognitive abilities and mental health.

Six mood-boosting supplements can be a great way to boost your mood.


Bottle No. 1

NooCube has always been one of my favorite supplements. This is one of the most effective supplements to boost your mood, maintain cognitive health, and improve wellbeing.

This is a nootropic. It is primarily designed to promote brain health and cognitive functions. It also helps to improve your mood.

Supporting brain health and cognitive functions will lead by themselves to improved mood, or rather improved mental wellbeing. For this reason, the list of nootropics is not short. NooCube has a few other features that make it a great mood booster.

Its benefits come from an extensive list of ingredients that are designed to boost your executive function, working memory and mental clarity. All of which are designed to improve your mood.

The star of the list for me has to be Alpha GPCIt is a highly valuable ingredient which, surprisingly, has been underutilized in today’s nootropic market. Choline is delivered to the brain and helps maintain healthy neuronal function, protect against cognitive decline, while also improving cognitive performance.

You will be able to maintain your cognitive health, both short and long term. This can lead to an improved mood – immediately as well as over time.

Noocube Ingredients Label

There is also bacopa monnieriIt is more common to see than Alpha GPC. No wonder, it is a great ingredient. This is among the most effective compounds for reducing the symptoms of anxiety and stress. This compound is a great nootropic for improving clarity under stress. It helps keep anxiety and stress at bay. These are two major causes of depression and low mood.

Bacopa monnieri also contains a powerful antioxidant. It helps protect your brain from oxidative damage.

The main cause of cognitive decline and depression is oxidative stress. Antioxidants in your diet can help you fight depression and stress now, while also protecting your long-term brain health.

NooCube is more than just these two formulas. There are a few amino acids For example, they are known to elevate your mood and reduce stress. Everything in the bottle should be a key component in maintaining a healthy brain, cognition that works as desired, and boosting your mood. This is one of the most intelligent, high-quality supplements available. I use it regularly as part of my supplement regimen.

You can enjoy its full potential by trying it out for three months. Some ingredients will have an immediate impact, while others may take some time to accumulate. At that point, you’ll be able decide if this supplement is right for you. It probably will.

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VyvaMind 3 Bottles

VyvaMind has a strong rivalry with NooCube to take the number one spot. The formula of VyvaMind isn’t as balanced as NooCube, but the product remains high quality. It’s an excellent choice if you want a product that provides a low dose of stimulants, cognitive support and mood boost.

There are only six ingredients, whereas many of the top nootropics have anywhere from 11-20. (Some even go higher but then it becomes silly and uneffective. This lean formulation is actually very effective. This nootropic gives everything that you would expect from a great one – an increase in energy and focus, a better working memory, executive functions, etc., along with a sense of calm.

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These six ingredients work well together to support mood.

VyvaMind has been thoroughly researched and is one of the best nootropics available. The company that makes it has gone through many iterations to fine-tune and tweak it. The results of this level R&D are impressive, rare and welcome.

In NooCube formula, I mention amino acids to combat stress and anxiety. These are the specific amino acids. l-theanine You can also find out more about the following: l-tyrosineVyvaMind provides you with healthy amounts of these nutrients. No more stress. This also means that you get to enjoy a healthy dose of citicolineIt works similarly to Alpha-GPC Vitamin B6 and B12The 75mg of caffeine It’s a great pick-me up. (It is about as strong as a single espresso shot).

It is concise and straight to the point. The formula may seem under-engineered but is not.

The manufacturer has spent time perfecting the recipe. You should feel more focused and have a clearer mind as you increase your energy and reduce your stress.

Nothing more would I want from a mood-boosting supplement.

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The New Mood

The New Mood

The traditional nootropics that have dominated this list are being replaced by something new. New Mood is a product that offers a different approach. It boosts mood directly by manipulating serotonin production.

In principle, this is a great idea. The neurotransmitter serotonin plays a major role. To maintain feelings of well-being, optimizing your output is important. This should improve your mood. Recent research has shifted our perception of serotonin and its effect on mood. Recent meta-studies have disproved that low levels of serotonin are linked with depression. This conventional wisdom seems to be incorrect.

It’s a problem. The majority of major depression treatments are SSRIs. These serotonin-based medications were thought to be addressing a deficiency that we know now doesn’t exist.

Many have called for an investigation into the claims that doctors are giving out medications which don’t actually work. They are not the only ones. You can also find out more about the following: SSRIs are very effective in treating depression. The drugs don’t seem to work as we expected. Nor do we know quite How to get started They work. We only know that increasing serotonin is an effective way to treat depression.

This is a great way to improve your mood. New Mood is likely to survive these new findings and deliver positive results for a very long time.

The formula is based on L-tryptophan You can also find out more about the following: 5-HTPSerotonin is made up of building blocks. Also, you get a shot of vitamin B6Along with a few micronutrients that are linked to increased serotonin, should catalyse the production of serotonin.

This should increase serotonin, which is a good thing, even though it can be a bit of snooze. Why not? We know that if it is more fuzzier, it will improve our mood.

New Mood isn’t just about serotonin. The formula contains several botanicals that are known to combat stress and anxiety. They should work in conjunction with the increased serotonin to provide a calm, happy feeling that’s all too rare these days.

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The New Mood Instant

The New Mood Instant Sachets

New Mood Instant (see above) is an adapted form of New Mood Original. It is also designed, like its elder brother, to raise serotonin, which is great for improving your mood. Like its elder brother, this product also boosts the serotonin level by providing its key building blocks: L-tryptophan, and 5-HTP.

You get another dose of vitamin B6, which acts as a catalyst in the production of extra serotonin. And you also get an array of botanicals that are useful for reducing stress, anxiety, and other symptoms.

Its base DNA is almost identical to New Mood Original. Why have I included it on this list?

Delivery methods differ quite a lot. It may not seem like a big deal but can make a huge difference.

Original product is a capsule. Take a few in the morning to enjoy the effects of the ingredients slowly released throughout the entire day. However, New Mood Instant is available in powdered format. The powder is more absorbent. This may be useful as serotonin can fluctuate hourly. How to get started This could be useful.

It’s also incredibly simple to use. It can be added to your morning protein shake, or you can simply add it to water. The flavors are fruity, including mango, orange, guava and pineapple.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro Single Bottle

Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic that’s hard-core and no frills. The Mind Lab Pro shares the DNA of most nootropics, and will therefore perform similarly to NooCube. This is the only Nootropic that today can compete with NooCube. It boasts an incredibly intelligent formula and a high-quality product.

The brain is aimed at in a number of different ways. It bills itself in this way as a “whole-brain” supplement that most other products on the market today cannot match.

Mind Lab Pro improves the generation of brain waves and chemical compounds, while also optimizing the regeneration of the brain. It keeps it safe from the effects aging.

Mind Lab Pro will have a number of benefits for your cognitive and mental health, both short-term as well as long-term. The benefits of Mind Lab Pro are varied and combine to provide the high-level nootropic boost you would expect.

Clarity and focus should improve as well as working memory, executive function and clarity. Mind Lab Pro also has an energy component. It improves the blood flow in your brain to deliver more oxygen and nutrients where they’re most needed.

Long-term, there should be less neurodegeneration due to oxidation or stress. You can expect to see a boost in cognitive performance, clarity and energy.

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Genius Joy

Genuis Joy mood boost

Genius Joy is a natural mood enhancer from The Genius Brand. It plays differently than the other nootropics on this list. The product is almost exclusively designed to reduce the symptoms of depression and low mood.

Genius Consciousness, their flagship nootropic, is similar to NooCube and Mind Lab Pro (if not quite in the same league as these two stalwarts). Genius Consciousness is their flagship nootropic. It’s similar to NooCube or Mind Lab Pro, but not in the same league.

From Genius Joy, you should notice some improvement in your mental health. This is a very secondary issue. It is primarily focused on serotonin, similar to New Mood. Serotonin optimization has already shown benefits, although the mechanisms are not as clear as previously believed.

If you can quantify it, Genius Joy will lead to more joy in your daily life. This should help to reduce stress, anxiety, and mood swings. It will also give you a steady, calm energy level, and keep you focused and alert.

This is not a typical nootropic but should still work.

This is achieved by a list of ingredients that are of the highest quality. The amino acids that we discussed above are included. TyrosineYou will also benefit from improved motivation and focus. The dose is also a healthy one. Rhodiola roseaIt is one of my favorite ingredients. This should be a very effective way to combat anxiety and stress.

Some of the choices are odd. The majority of the work is done orally 5-HTP Consumption for serotonin. It’s not very effective – New Mood would have better effects. This also depends on SAMeIt doesn’t work well as a booster of serotonin.

The Genius Joy program will help you reduce your anxiety and stress levels. It would be better if the formula was better designed.

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Final verdict

If you want to improve your mood, I always suggest a double-edged approach. You first have to combat the anxiety and/or depression that are causing your bad mood. Second, your cognitive and brain function will be improved to give you a better outlook.

All the items on this list must be done. As I’ll mention in the next section, it is important to consider medical interventions if you are suffering from clinical depression or anxiety. Talk to your doctor. The items on this list are perfect for mood-boosting, making you more cheerful, energetic and less stressed.

Nootropics can be life-saving. This will help you to improve your mood and get your brain working. Your short-term mental health should improve as you promote longer-term brain wellness.

You have many options. Today, we’ve looked at six contenders. If you’re looking to improve your mood you will need to take a nootropic. NooCube is the most effective nootropic.

Verdict: Best Mood Boosting Supplement

Noocube Single Bottle

Mind Lab Pro, VyvaMind, and other similar programs will work, but NooCube is the most effective.

It’s the best in the field for the wide range of ingredients it uses, its mix of conventional and unconventional, and the sheer breadth of the dishes it produces.

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Natural Ways To Boost Your Mood

There are many ways to improve your mood naturally. As I said in the intro of this guide on mood boosters, you have a lot of options. Lifestyle factors, habits and nutrition can work in conjunction to improve your mood.

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All of them will work well in combination with the mood-boosting supplements that I have discussed above.

Active lifestyle

Staying active is essential to staying healthy. Moving around improves our health in many ways. It is essential to maintain your mental health, as it naturally boosts your mood.

You can improve your mood by exercising both in the short and long term.

You will experience a huge endorphin surge in the short-term. It will improve your mood and reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue. Gaining confidence and learning how to tap into your full potential will boost your mood over time.

It can be done in as little time as 30 minutes per day. Exercises that are intense, such as HIIT or circuit training can give you a huge adrenaline rush, which will help to increase the short-term benefits.

It doesn’t have to be intense exercise. Low to moderate intensity exercise is sufficient – walking, biking, or yoga are all suitable.

Gentler exercises are ideal for relieving stress and tension. Yoga and Tai Chi are great for learning active and passive mediation, while improving mobility, flexibility and joint health. You can also find some headspace to de-stress when you take a stroll in the park.

Keep a gratitude journal

The benefits of gratitude journals are long lasting. This is a simple, easy process, which doesn’t require much time.

Keep a small journal by your bed. Write a sentence or two in your journal every day. It may be best to do this in the evening when you have time to reflect on your day.

Review what you’re grateful for. Write about one specific thing. List a few items. You can list large things (your house, life, family), or smaller ones (bumping into a good friend, enjoying a delicious dinner). For daily use, I like the second option.

These little things, as frivolous and silly as they may seem, add up if you are aware of them.

Be more aware

Keeping a gratitude diary is a good place to start. It has been shown that living more mindfully can reduce stress and improve mood. There has been much said about living a mindful life. It’s true that I have written quite a bit on this subject. Others dismiss it, while others think it’s the best of all. It’s actually neither. This is an old-fashioned method of grounding.

To quote Hemingway from For Whom the Bell Tolls

When you eat food, try to really taste it. And when you go to bed, sleep deeply. When you laugh, make sure to laugh with your whole being. When you are angry, be really angry. You should try to stay alive. Soon you will die.

Hemingway’s ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls?’

Make sure you are getting enough nutrition

What you eat is what makes up who you are. Specific foods and beverages can boost your mood, and help keep you mentally healthy.

Capsicum is linked to an improvement in mood. (Although, it also has a slight benefit of increasing metabolic rate). Everything that contains capsicum should improve your mood. Cayenne, chilies, and paprika are all good for your mood.

Caffeine falls into the same category. Both your mood and metabolism can be boosted by caffeine. However, don’t overdo it. Overdoing it can cause anxiety and stress. However, moderate amounts – such as three cups per day – have a positive impact on mood.

Omega-3 supplements are also a great idea. There is evidence that it can help reduce depressive symptoms. It is found in abundance in fish such as tuna or salmon. It is also available in supplements, and some are suitable for vegetarians.

Cocoa is one of the most effective ingredients for improving mood and many people are borderline chocolate addicts.

Sugar in chocolate can give a temporary, mild high. However, it will crash after a short time, so don’t rely on this too heavily. Cocoa products contain caffeine, N-acylethanolamine, and theobromine in mild amounts.

All of these have been associated with improved mood. Chocolate is also a great source of flavonoids. They will also increase the blood flow in your brain and give you more energy.

Professional help is available

All of these tips are great if your mood is a little down or you want to make the most of your natural happiness. These supplements are all great to enhance your already robust mental health.

Your mood can be much more serious. You may have clinical depression if you feel more than a bit blue.

This article is a great resource for anyone who feels they need some help. All of it will help. Also, you should consider speaking with your doctor. You may be referred to a therapist or counsellor, or prescribed mood-altering medications like antidepressants.

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