How To Bounce Back From A Nootropic Crash & Adderall Crash

Nootropics to treat Adderall Crash

Adderall Crash & Nootropic comeback: summary

This is the TL:DR version. Adderall can cause nasty side effects on the brain after the effects of the drug wear off. If the Adderall crash can be curtailed by taking more Adderall, these side effects will worsen and could develop into an addiction. Alternative: Neurotoxic and nootropic mitigators which reduce Adderall tolerance and the crash.

The literary source is more appealing to me because I am a snooty geek and I dislike Bradley Cooper’s good looks with blue eyes (consider myself his neckbeard blue-eyed counterpart). Limitless (titled Dark Fields Alan Glynn (over the film)

There’s another reason: the book ending is more satisfying.

It’s more “realistic” (which, yes, you don’t say that). (I already disclaimed my snootiness.) This is more realistic, because Newton’s Third Law is a fundamental Newtonian principle. Every action has an opposite and equal reactionThe more dooming version of the word is sometimes used. The same thing that goes up, must also come down.

Adderall is a similar drug. Limitless The pill is a powerful tool that can lift you and unfortunately has a negative reaction. Adderall Comedown

There are ways to reduce the impact of this blow.

What goes up…

It’s important to understand that I am not here for a lecture, a finger-wagger or even an instruction. I hope my readers will be able to (You can also find out more about us on our website.This information was/was useful to me. Obviously, I am a fan of nootropics. DIY nootropic You may have guessed from the name I use that this is a community. You can also find out more about the following: Nootropic Geek).

Adderall Geek? I am not.

This is why I do not claim to be an expert on this subject.

It is partly because I am focusing on Adderallesque and Adderall. You can also check out Adderall Ritalin Vyvanse etc. and Dr. Giurgean Neuroprotective nootropicsCiticoline, L-theanine etc. The main focus of this article is on Because I am not a prescription drug consumer: I have never had ADD/ADHD diagnosed, nor clinically needed pharmaceutical stimulation…but I believe that this prepares me for a different but related topic:

Adderall, and other smart stimulants can be used for recreational and cognitive fun.

A brave new World!

We need to maturely face this fact: the off-label Adderall use has increased in recent years, and it doesn’t appear that this will slow down any time soon. This is a real problem both legally and socially. It’s not that I condone the practice. But it is.

What it is to most is an ‘addiction. major headache — literally. (Wah-wahh.)

Also known as:

Adderall Comedown

Let’s make sure we understand the terminology before we kill this dragon:

  • Adderall Comedown Weaning off drugs and the post-experience phases.
  • Adderall Crash The negative effects of a comedown are cognitive and physiological.
  • Adderall withdrawal Adderall/stimulant users may experience a cluster of symptoms when abruptly stopping their long-term use. (See sub.)

Adderall is not always a drug that ends with a crash.

Here is my list of the Best OTC Alternatives to Adderall: 2021 edition.

Many users, for example, take a late morning pill, then go about their day, doing work, working out, etc. Comes down, chills out and/or falls asleep… There’s nothing to see. Though, I am sure that if we lifted the cranial cover, we would find a mixture of brain activity which, on an occasional basis, may not have any lasting effect — engage those amphetaminic paths Frequently, You can also find out more about the following: Densely packed You’re not in danger if you take it in large doses. Danger Zone


That’s nooo You can also check outAdderall, and other synthetic stimulants, stimulate the cognition at unnatural levels. They flush out unnatural concentrations in the brain. catecholamines, e.g., dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, etc. The brain chemicals that are involved with fight-flight cognition. Fluss the brain. Too much The following symptoms are a result of excessive stimulation:

  • Anxiety, irritability and anger
  • Panic attacks
  • The following are some of the ways to reduce your risk:
  • Apathy
  • Intense hunger*
  • Insomnia
  • Adderall cravings are intense

You can also suffer from high blood pressure and heart problems, GI disturbances, etc.

The intense hunger is an unavoidable side effect of Adderall, and it depends on how piggish you are in your ability to fight the loss of appetite. Piggishness is a behavior trait that Adderall users tend to have.

The intense desire for more Adderall comes from the dopaminergic activation of Adderall. Each time you give in to this temptation, the risk of a crash increases. Adderall crashes are the Danger Zone. Adderall cravings can be the Danger.

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Adderall Addiction and Withdrawal

A wyvern is etched eating its own tail, a.k.a. the Ouroboros. By Lucas Jennis (1590-30)

Adderall addiction begins when the dopaminergic “reward”, which is a motivational reward, diminishes. The auto-oxidation of dopamine into ethanol is a part of the cause. 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA)The self-cannibalizing Ouroboric loop of chaos forms here: the dopamine reward system rewards Adderall consumption, which damages the dopaminergic systems via 6-OHDA. Here, a self-cannibalizing Ouroboric cycle of chaos is formed: the Dopamine System rewards Adderall use which then damages the Dopamine System (via 6-OHDA) which requires More information about the product Use Adderall to achieve reward satisfaction higher Adderall is a drug that can be taken by mouth. Further information Damages the dopamine systems, etc. Stopping cold turkey during this process can lead to an unpleasant withdrawal that manifests itself as a monster Adderall crash-fed for too long. Read more about Addiction and Motive.

Nootropic Comeback

The same as the alcohol hangoverThe Adderall crash does not reverse. You can ease the landing and make it a little softer. However, this is the only way to avoid (Don’t Say ItAdderall crashes are (Don’t say it) abstinence. (Aughhh!)

The point I’m about to make is so obvious that it doesn’t need any further explanation.

Let’s just go through the different nootropic techniques. еание The Adderall crash mechanisms I have simplified into two categories.

i. Nootropic Mediation

Adderall Instant Release (IR) stimulates cognition on average for 6 hours. However, the drug remains in the body much longer. The subjective comedown starts earlier than the amphetamine withdrawal, which prevents your unconscious mechanisms relaxing. The resulting feeling of dread is due to this. t’wiredOr Tired and wiredWhen all you need is sleep, some nootropics may help. They can ease the mind and body from catecholaminergic stimulation to GABAergic relaxation while also salvaging catecholamine levels for normal cognition after Adderall. Nootropics can help you with this. They ease the body and mind from catacholaminergic stimulation into GABAergic relaxtion, while also preserving catecholamines for normal cognition after Adderall.

ii. Neurotoxic Mitigation

They are not nootropics in the traditional sense. Instead, they’re antioxidant neuroprotectors that protect against Adderall neurotoxicity. They reduce Adderall’s neurotoxicity in a variety of ways: by reducing 6-OHDA, NMDA receptor inhibitory, and toxin elimination. Some nootropics enthusiasts believe that these substances can weaken Adderall’s effects. These neurotoxic mitigators can reduce the tolerance to Adderall if used correctly. This will maintain the potency of the drug while decreasing the chance of addiction.

Source: American Council on Science and Health

There is currently no list of standard products for Adderall + Nootropics. This lack of research has led to a lack in the amount and quality information available. What is the best way to get in touch with you?What not To optimize your experience, stack Adderall with it. No, I don’t have any. quote-unquote This is my standard list. However, in light of personal experience, anecdotal accounts from other users, and research conducted on preclinical animals, I have compiled two lists: Nootropic Mediators, and Neurotoxic Mitigators. Please comment if you think I missed anything. What is the best way to get in touch with you?The sand Why not?Comment below.

Enjoy the moment until then:

Nootropic Mediators


There is no “wrong” time for supplementation, whether it’s before, during, or after amphetamine use. L-theanine Adderall is a good example of a nootropic that works in synchrony with the Adderall experience. L-theanine is a nootropic that has a positive reputation. Take the Edge Off L-theanine is a stimulant that works similarly to caffeine, but without the side effects. It maintains focus and awareness.

L-theanine is a substance that explains what it means to be able to speak. Relaxed wakefulness Effects of Green Tea

L-theanine is likely to be present during the Adderall experience. Mildly The caffeine will not be as effective in bringing about a calmer, more focused state. L-theanine may ease anxiety and help you sleep during the downtime. L-Theanine: More Information


Ayurveda. So chill.

Fun Fact: I’m sipping on ashwagandha-laden green tea atm.

The Corollary Fact Ashwagandha Green Tea is great with artisanal beets and vegan cookies — #Fun.

Hipsters love ashwagandha because it’s so chill. This is why I also like ashwagandha, but I attribute its “chillness” to the adaptogenic activation GABA receptors as well as potential antioxidant neuroprotection. Tyrosine can help improve mood and concentration under high-stress conditions. Rhodiola Ashwagandha may relieve fatigue but its relaxation border on sedation. This is a great thing to do after an Adderall session.

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Ashwagandha is not often included in “Adderall Comebacks” lists. However, I have found its anxiety-relieving properties to be extremely helpful. cool-down period. I also have to add non-conformist items because I am super hip. More on Ashwagandha.

Valerian Root

It is an a hit-or-miss Please suggest a suggestion for me. HitsSome users may experience stimulation instead of the expected sedation. Valerian Root supplementation. I’ve included it because it is a good product for me.

  • Valerian may enhance GABAergic activity.
  • Valerian may protect dopaminergic neurons.

It is obvious that the combination of GABAergic Relaxation and Dopaminergic Neuroprotection would be ideal for an Adderall Comeback. Before trying valerian as a way to reduce the Adderall crash I would recommend taking it separately, that is, without any Adderall. Try it out in a sober state of mind for some trial runs to see if you can determine if valerian stimulates or sedates your brain. Valerian: More information


Melatonin, the go-to sleep aid.

Natural melatonin is important for sleep, circadian rhythms and mood, while dietary melatonin sedates your mind to “sleep”, often as a treatment for insomnia. Melatonin has two purposes for the Adderall-stressed brain:

  • Sleep control is improved.
  • Reduced dopaminergic neurotoxicity.

First, it is clear that the benefits are numerous.

This second benefit is a perfect bridge to the following list of chemicals (Neurotoxic Mitigators): rat study Melatonin has a significant antioxidant effect, which inhibits 6-hydroxydopamine, a dopaminergic toxic byproduct. This reduces Adderall’s neurotoxicity. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Neurotoxic Mitigators


Memantine was first seen on the website my Nootropics and ADHD article. Memantine is a neuroprotective agent that inhibits the N-methyl D-aspartate receptor. rat models The “amphetamine-derived neurotoxic damage” is MDMA or methamphetamine. Memantine is thought to have a risk of side effects, but it also has the potential for reversing (or at the very least lessenIt is not clear if tolerance to Adderall or other stimulants can be built up. More human studies are needed for clarification.


It’s a good idea to take magnesium supplements while you are taking stimulants. The mineral has helped me relax my body and mind after taking Adderall.

Have you ever experienced muscle twitches following a night out drinking? This is partly because of the loss of magnesium caused by alcohol, which counteracts the activation of muscles at the neuromuscular joint. Similar spastic contractions can occur when magnesium levels are low and you’re on stimulants. Magnesium supplements can help to reduce unwanted cerebral and muscle excitation at night.

Vitamin C

Citrus is in season.

The Adderall-riddled brain will benefit from Emergen-C, grapefruits and other antioxidants. The same goes for an LSD-, alcohol-, or any other type of drug-ridden brain. This is what I’m saying. Vitamin CIt is a neuroprotective antioxidant with two functions.

  • Reduce free radicals
  • Acidification of Urine

Does acidic urine help protect the brain? Yes, numb nutz It does so while taking Adderall. The bio-effect accelerates the removal of Adderall, which may reduce Adderall neurotoxicity. Vitamin C can also help restore dopamine levels to their normal state.

Vitamin D

This suggestion is predicated on the Wang JY et al study “Vitamin D(3) attenuates 6-hydroxydopamine-induced neurotoxicity in rats” in which the researchers concluded:

[O]Our data show that D3 treatment attenuates hypokinesia, and DA neuronal toxicity induced 6-OHDA. Both H(2)O(2), and 6-OHDA can damage cells through reactive oxygen species and free radicals. The neuroprotection observed here could be a reverse of this toxic mechanism.”

HypokinesiaThe neurotoxic amphetamine byproduct 6-OHDA is responsible for causing a partial or total lack of movement in the muscles. Take into account that this study evaluated D3’s effect on a model of rat without actual amphetamine use.


By Benjah-bmm27, via Wikimedia Commons

Adderall crashes are similar to NACs, which is a term commonly used in discussions about alcohol hangovers. N-Acetyl-Cysteine It is an amino acid precursor called L-Cysteine It is the precursor of glutathione, an antioxidant This may help to boost the liver’s antioxidant defence against toxic substances.

Cysteine is used by bodybuilders to protect their liver from acetominophen and steroids.

Cysteine is used by drinkers to remove toxic levels of ethanol from their bodies.

Adderall users should also be aware of this, but with caution: NAC can act as a vasodilator, increasing blood flow and affecting blood pressure. Due to the fact that NAC can increase blood flow, it is important not to take Adderall and NAC at the same time. Some users take NAC after Adderall wears off. This can be the next day.

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Adderall Crash: Best nootropic supplements

You’re probably more than capable of whipping up an Adderall stack if you are on the Adderall bandwagon. Not everyone is willing or able to create a “nootropic recovery” program. They may choose one of the many pre-made supplements available in stores and online. If you don’t have the time or the desire to make your own, I recommend checking out some of the Best Nootropics Supplements for Adderall Crash. Perfect stack. They are:

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro nootropic supplementMind Lab Pro L-Theanine is supplied as Suntheanine (r), which is a premium form of L’theanine. It may help to calm the mind and maintain the stimulating effects on the brain. Mind Lab Pro may help reduce the need for Adderall by using L-tyrosine.

Mind Lab Pro improves mental performance by focusing on brain structure, rather than increasing brain activity through synthetic stimuli. This means that the Adderall-addled brain will receive additional support for the cognitive pathways in the brain. This product is both neuroprotective and neuroregenerative.

If you want to reduce your Adderall intake, Mind Lab Pro’s natural, nootropic formulation may be able to help improve the quality of your cognitive function over time. There is no crash, comedown or locking jaw.

You want some? Find the best Mind Lab Pro deals here.

Check out my detailed review of Mind Lab Pro.

Performance Lab Mind

Performance Lab Mind ReviewMind Lab Pros are listed on the list. Performance Lab Mind It’s a nootropic stack that is simple and effective. This is a simple, yet effective nootropic stack. Everything is better with a little helpIt only concentrates on key pressure points that are involved with elevated cognition. It does so by:

  • Improve brain energy metabolism
  • Enhancing neuroregeneration
  • Antioxidants in the brain can boost its antioxidant status
  • Providing additional neurochemical support

This stack is surprisingly powerful for its size. Performance Lab Mind, along with many other nootropics, may help to not only alleviate the comedown from stimulants, but also strengthen its neuroprotective ability to resist adverse Adderall side effects. This is a stack that promotes brain health, and it’s worth considering whether or not you use Adderall.

You want some? Performance Lab Mind is available at the lowest price here.

Performance Lab Mind Review: Read in depth my review.

Performance Lab: Sleep Off

Performance Lab Sleep BottleOTC Melatonin is a product I avoid because of the instability of the synthetic melatonin. This ingredient, which is commonly found in supplements for sleep, can be unpredictable. It works sometimes, and other times it doesn’t. I also get a headache the next morning after taking Adderall. Performance Lab Sleep P-Lab sleep contains natural, stable melatonin. Natural sourced Tart cherries are a great source of magnesium (as well as the other nutrients). This resulted in a predictable, reliable sleep improvement without the need for grog next morning. This was an important revelation for me: Finally, I have a sleeping aid that does not wake me up the next morning. Performance Lab Sleep is a great option for Adderall users. It helps to bring the mind back into a relaxed and calm state.

You want some? Performance Lab Sleep is the most affordable option.

Performance Lab Sleep Review: Read in depth.

The conclusion of the article is:

Newtonian Principle of Continued Use Actions and ReactionsAdderall has a powerful action. Nootropics, and “natural” substances are not able to match Adderall’s intensity. We should also consider a Darwinian perspective: Survive, damn you! Keep fit to survive!

It is possible to reduce the side effects of Adderall by using nootropics.

Another way to lower crash risks is by promoting a healthy body and mind.

Don’t forget about exercise, diet, sleep, etc. They are helpful in many aspects of your life, and they also help with Adderall. In most ADHD cases, these are the first changes made after diagnosis. Now I’m finger-wagging. The crashes will become It’s badConsider a lower grade stimulant… maybe something that rhymes with shmoshafinil or similar. Consider a low-grade stimulant… something that sounds like shmoshafinil or similar.

Find out more about positive lifestyle routinesCheck out My Best Pre-Made Nootropic Supplements list. Comment any questions, thoughts, anecdotes personals, haikus or snafus. Below!

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