Best Nootropics For BDNF: 2023 Edition

nootropics for bdnf
BDNF for brain development is like fertilizer for plant growth.

Neurotrophic factor (BNF) is a brain-derived neurotrophic factor that can be used to build the brain.

Nootropics can be used to increase BDNF. This is a question similar to the one: Can you grow your own brain? This question may be met with skepticism. Aren’t neuronal cells finite? You get what you receive, so why not avoid that drug or drink?

It’s certainly not a good idea to damage your brain during short-term drug-induced mania. Nootropics, which increase the brain-derived neurotrophic (BDNF), are one way to rejuvenate your brain.

Which nootropics are best? What about the dosage? You can read my article to find out how. Nootropics for BDNF Find out more with this guide!

This is the TL:DR version. BDNF (Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor) increases neurogenesis, which is the creation of new neurons, and improves neurotransmission, promoting healthy mental and cognitive performance. As we age, BDNF levels decline, paralleling a decline in cognitive performance. Nootropics for BDNF may help.

What is Brain Derived Neurotrophic factor (BDNF), and what does it do?

Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor, or BDNF If you are a nootropic geek, you may be able to call it BDNF (if you don’t want to look up the scientific name). This protein helps maintain and grow neurons in the CNS as well as the PNS. BDNF is a neuronal protein that helps regulate the growth, maintenance and survival of neurons across both central and peripheral nervous systems (or CNS/PNS if you’re a lazy nootropic geek). neurogenesis, The creation of new neurons is essential for brain development and growth, but also brain repair in conditions of trauma. brain injury.

Why would you do that? More information about the product neurons?

BDNF doesn’t just produce more neurons.

Boosting BDNF can help establish a better neuronal network in the healthy average human. This is a way to improve the effectiveness of your neurons. Maintaining healthy BDNF means enhancing Synaptic Plasticity The strength of synapses between neurons. Remember that the synapse allows information to be passed from one cell to another.

Neuronal synapse. Image by Nrets[[GFDL], Wikimedia Commons

Synaptic plasticity is a natural phenomenon that seems to be based on the principle of “use it, or lose it”. The stronger the synapses between two neurons, the more stimulation they receive. It is partly explained by this that learning and practicing improves performance. As you continue to practice an activity or skill, synapses will increase. Synaptic stagnation and atrophy are the result of inactivity.

A healthy synaptic plasticity is important for a healthy brain cell communication.

Healthy BDNF contributes to synaptic plasticity. BDNF is important for maintaining healthy cognition even after the brain has matured. Nerve growth factor. Is it worth focusing on BDNF when it comes nootropic cognition enhancement? Is it a good thing to alter with BDNF? Let alone, possible?

Can BDNF Improve cognition?

Low levels of BDNF are associated with cognitive impairment. It’s reasonable that BDNF maintains cognitive balance, neurogenesis and synaptic plasticity. yes, BDNF promotes cognitive performance. Balance is the word that comes to mind. You don’t need it. Too much Growth factor is something you do not want Too much HGH activity or testosterone. You may be doing it, but my focus is on the natural modulation of BDNF — not illegal performance enhancement.

In general, BDNF is associated with three improved cognitive functions:


BDNF is a critical factor in the consolidation of long-term memories via long-term potentiation. What is Long-Term Potentiation? You ask? LTP is a long-lasting increase in synaptic plasticity. It usually involves neuronal pathways that are involved with long-term memories. LTP is a long-term change in the strength of neuron to neuron connections.

LTP regulates long-term memories in the brain’s storage area, the hippocampus. BDNF promotes LTP and helps to maintain memory consolidation.

2 | Learning

The previous point is continued here: BDNF aids in memory consolidation and retrieval. Then, Enhancing learning capability Learning is, after all, a practical application of memory. The brain stores information so it can later be used to speak or act on that very same information.

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BDNF enhances a person’s capacity to learn by forming LTP memories. As One animal study It was shown that an increase in BDNF improved memory performance. Attention students!


BDNF and poor synaptic plasticity have been associated with mood disorders. Low BDNF seems to be directly linked with severe mood disorders, indicating mood enhancement may begin by improving BDNF. It is possible that this is why many people treat certain pharmaceuticals and nootropics known to boost BDNF as mood enhancers.

Nootropics and BDNF

Nootropics that boost BDNF are more beneficial for those who suffer from age-related decline in cognitive function than the average healthy person. Taking nootropics to boost BDNF may not be a bad thing, however, because they tend improve many other cognitive aspects.

  • Memory, Learning, Mood As I have already said
  • Cognitive Longevity
  • Mental Clarity
  • Attention and focus
  • Sociality

Many antioxidant-type nootropics benefit BDNF activity. Nootropics, nutrients and other nootropics are always a good idea. They may also have many health benefits if you take them daily. The best nootropics to boost BDNF are:

The Best Brain Nootropics in 2023

Pine Bark Extract from Maritime

Pine bark is a powerful antioxidant that protects itself from the environment.

I am a relative nootropic novice. Pine Bark Extract from Maritime Many of my nootropic friends are unaware that this herb is a powerful neuroprotector and neuroregeneration agent. It’s too bad, because this extract has amazing neuroprotection properties and can help with neuroregeneration. The maritime pine bark contains a high antioxidant content, which helps to protect against oxidative damage and promotes the production of BDNF. Hippocampuses and prefrontal cortices.

Theoretically increased BDNF activities in these areas may benefit.

  • Memory and Learning, Hippocampus Information processing, storage and recall.
  • Prefrontal cortex: Complex cognitive processes Such as problem solving, personality, decision making, etc.

The increased oxygen delivery to the brain is also believed to improve brain energy. This nootropic is often used to improve focus and cognitive function. Inattention and hyperactivity.

The maritime pine bark seems to have a positive effect on cognitive performance and general health.


The Source Camellia sinensis, L-Theanine The “green tea amino acid” is responsible for all the relaxing, calm effects of teas like green tea, white, and black. L-theanine appears to be effective for acute cognitive enhancement by increasing the production of adenosine triphosphate. Alpha Brainwaves are the frequencies of brainwaves that promote calm and creative thinking, even meditation. The compound is also shown to have a number of other benefits. Improve BDNF Activity Unknown biopathways

You don’t believe it? Here’s One study This is a show:

  • L-theanine treatment showed cognitive improvement compared with placebo. This was correlated to improvements in BDNF and cortisol stress hormone levels.

You can also read about how to get in touch with us. Another study This is what we found

  • L-theanine increases BDNF levels in mice’s brains.

This is something that I am a little surprised about. L-theanine has a lot of benefits for boosting focus, calmness and concentration. I did not know that it also had a beneficial effect on the brain’s building proteins. The two studies may not necessarily be applicable to healthy individuals. Humans are able to understand and communicate with each other They are still promising. If you combine this observation with the BDNF benefits associated with green tea antioxidants, I am starting to crave it.

L-Theanine: More Information


Who invented Noopept, you ask? You’re right, those Soviets!

It is often misquoted to be a racetam. Noopept It is similar in effects to racetam. piracetamIt’s like piracetam, but better. Noopept is a “psychostimulatory drug” that can be taken immediately, unlike piracetam, which requires several weeks to achieve its maximum effect.

This is a cholinergic nootropic that seems to increase BDNF in the hippocampus.

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At least the Rat hippocampus.

Both single doses and chronic Noopept (up to 28-days) showed an increase of both BDNF RNA and nerve growth factor (NGF). It is possible that Noopept may have a beneficial impact on the hippocampus. The brain’s storage centre for memory, this could explain some of its memory-boosting and learning properties. Noopept appears to have significant benefits for the brain in conditions of cognitive impairment. This has been demonstrated both by human and rat model studies.

Although more studies on the cognitive enhancement drug would be great, there is plenty of anecdotal proof that it works. Noopept is only recommended for the average healthy person. Every now and againThe “psychostimulating” effects can wear off after repeated use.

Noopept: More information

Gotu Kola

Li Ching Yuen is romantically associated with the legendary herb “fountains of youth”. Li Ching Yuen was a man who lived for 250 years. Gotu Kola It is known as both a botanical that extends life and one which boosts mood. Although the claim of 250 years seems a bit suspect, this herb contains a range of anti-inflammatory and anxiety-reducing compounds that are believed to enhance cognitive clarity.

The bioactive profile of Gotu Kola has many benefits. Increased BDNF Release

It has been proposed that Gotu Kola can improve the growth of neurites by increasing the activity of BDNF. This will enhance the receiving and the signaling branches of the neurons. It may be that Gotu Kola is particularly effective in improving mood and memory of elderly people. One study Find Gotu Kola administration for help The goal of this study was to “attenuate age-related declines in cognition and mood disorders in healthy older adults.”

Get more information on Gotu Kola

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola so pretty.

The claim that Rhodola Rosea Boosting BDNF doesn’t guarantee success. If you choose to do so, it is likely that your BDNF will increase. Only one Rhodiola is not the best herb for increasing your BDNF. I would recommend any other of these entries. It’s still on the list because I think it is:

  1. Rhodiola has a great effect on mental clarity and performance.
  2. In vitro studies show positive effects of BDNF.

You can also find out more about the following: in vitro study The study in question showed a significant improvement in BDNF in the cells that were exposed to salidroside, Rhodiola is a bioactive component. When I refer to “long-lasting”, I am referring to the fact that the BDNF’s benefits have outlasted their administration.

It is a good sign that the BDNF’s benefits have lasted.

Rhodiola is also known to have BDNF-boosting properties, but beyond that there’s not much information. It’s possible that Rhodiola herb’s adaptogenic resistance to stress could indirectly improve BDNF or other brain boosting factor. We’ll have to wait for more clinical studies to confirm this.

Rhodiola is a good herbal nootropic that you can add to your stack.

Rhodiola Rosea: More information


Views of redditors Semax As well as You can also find out more about the following: Nootropics to test out. This nootropic has great cognitive benefits, particularly if you can get SubQ Semax and are comfortable using SubQ. Semax is a nootropic drug that has a lot of cognitive benefits. It also comes with minimal side effects.

There is one exception: hair loss.

Semax’s ability to significantly increase BDNF levels may cause temporary hair loss. Semax, in theory, seems to dramatically increase BDNF. This is far beyond what the other natural BDNF boosters on the list can do. Semax hair loss is a common complaint, even though the reports are mostly anecdotal.

This is not a reason to be concerned about the hair loss that you may experience with any other of these products. This is only relevant to Semax, as the side effects seem particularly linked with Semax’s increase in BDNF.

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When to Intermittently Fast for BDNF

Have you heard about Intermittent Fasting? The intermittent fasting diet is a popular trend for a good reason. It requires little “dieting”, and can be easily adapted to any lifestyle. calorie restricting Clinical science supports the concept of intermittent fasting in every sense. Intermittent fasting is no exception. It’s a trend that deserves to be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism.

The human body is not designed to be constantly fed. As a result of our hunter-gatherer origins, they’re made for periods of fasting and feasting. The body adjusts to fasting under stressful conditions by re-routing metabolism and brain towards fat burning for energy. It also increases BDNF and insulin receptor activity.

Brain-building substances increase synaptic connectivity and plasticity, preparing the brain for “stressful situations”. These nootropics may be combined with intermittent fasting to give you a completely recharged and revamped mind.

Learn more about intermittent fasting.

The Best Brain Nootropics in 2023

As we get older, BDNF expression decreases for a variety of reasons. It’s unlikely for most people that a single factor contributes to BDNF decrease. It seems that a supplement stack is a better option than supplementing a singular ingredient to boost BDNF. These are the top nootropics for BDNF.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro nootropic supplementThe nootropics above are a list of the most popular ones Mind Lab Pro Three: Maritime Pine Bark Extract with L-Theanine and Rhodiola … plus several other awesome brain boosters. Mind Lab Pro is one of the few nootropic stacks that contains maritime pine bark, making it unique. However, Mind Lab Pro also provides a powerful extract from Lion’s Mane Mushroom which seems to also increase brain development and growth via NGF enhancement.

This is only the Neurogenesis aspect of Mind Lab Pro. Mind Lab Pro’s acute cognitive enhancers such as Nacetyl LTyrosine (N-Alpha-L-Tyrosine) and LTheanine provide immediate cognitive improvement in addition to the longer-term benefits.

Overall, Mind Lab Pro offers comprehensive coverage of the brain with its simple and refined nootropic stack.

You want some? Mind Lab Pro is available here.

Check out my detailed review of Mind Lab Pro.

Performance Lab Mind

Performance Lab Mind ReviewImagine you like the extract of maritime pine bark found in Mind Lab Pro but would prefer it to be in a more simple format. Performance Lab Mind This formula is a simplified version, delivering citicoline as Cognizin (r), phosphatidylserine as Sharp-PS (r), and N Acetyl L Tyrosine.

This is a simple, sweet stack that’s great for daily enhancement of brain health, but small enough to stack easily with other supplements.

You can buy Noopept alone and combine it with Performance Lab Mind citicoline. It works well together. It not only boosts daily cognition, but also hits those BDNF-related notes using only a handful of ingredients.

You want some? Performance Lab Mind is available here.

Performance Lab Mind Review: Read in depth my review.

The conclusion of the article is:

Are there any other methods to increase BDNF levels besides nootropics or intermittent fasting? Absolutely. You’re probably already familiar with them: aerobic exercise, diet, sleep… You’re aware of the things that we avoid in spite of how beneficial they can be. One of these, aerobic exercise, seems to be particularly good for BDNF, even in young, healthy people.

If you want to boost your BDNF, this is the plan for you: Start an aerobic exercise program, establish an intermittent fasting plan and add the nootropics above to your diet. If you do that, then you will have Brains coming out of ears?

But not really. You’ll still feel great and your brain will be optimized. It’s not bad at all, is it?

It would be foolish to say no.

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