Best Nootropics For ADHD

James Dixon, our Nootropics Expert, examines five natural supplements he considers the best for ADHD. See how these supplements compare and find out which one is the best fit for you.

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, and sometimes simply ADD, is a fairly widespread condition that makes life a struggle for millions. The condition affects executive functions, working memory and attention. It can also cause wild energy outbursts.

It is not a small matter. The executive function encompasses things such as adaptable thinking and self-monitoring. It also includes planning, time management, self control, organization and self-control.

All of these impairments can make it difficult to get around. The working memory is the small amount of data that the mind can retain and then use to complete cognitive tasks. This can also make your life difficult.

You may be suffering from attention deficit if you struggle with these aspects to the point that it affects your life quality. It may be worth scheduling an appointment to talk to your doctor about the situation.

There is a lot of information available about ADHD and other neurodivergent characteristics. There are many treatment options, including stimulant medications such as Vyvanse and Adderall (plus others). This type of plan will help you to manage your symptoms and reduce them.

Add another element to the treatment combination. Nootropics are a group of supplements that improve focus, concentration and memory.

There are some brilliant nootropics that can help ADHD. Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite nootropics. I know they will be a great ally for anyone who is looking to live better with ADHD.

TLDR: No.1 Nootropic For ADHD

The supplements on this list will help to reduce symptoms of ADHD. VyvaMind, on the other hand, has an impactful, simple formula which is affordable, easy to use and highly effective in treating ADHD-like symptoms.

VyvaMind can help you improve your mood, focus and overall calmness.

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Top Nootropics For ADHD

Nootropics, also known as “smart drugs”, could complement any ADHD treatment program. All of them will improve your mood, executive function and working memory. These are the top nootropics on the market today.

These are made entirely of natural substances. They are often a mixture of vitamins, herbs and minerals.

Let’s look at some of the best ADHD nootropics…


Bottle No. 1 Noocube

NooCube has become one of my favorite supplements. NooCube is my favourite nootropic, and the one that I use most. It allows me to stay focused and maintain a steady pace, which helps me meet deadlines that are often very strict. The price is also very reasonable, considering the high quality and intelligent combination of ingredients.

As I said above, it does the same thing as all other nootropics – enhance your mood and working memory. Your focus will increase and you’ll feel more focused and productive.

ADHD is often characterized as a struggle with organizing your thoughts. In fact, several train of thoughts race through your mind at the same time, competing for your attention.

Even the most simple tasks can become overwhelming. NooCube can help. NooCube allows you to organize and marshal your thoughts. It will help you better focus your attention where you need it most.

NooCube’s power is largely due to the combination of Alpha GPC and bacopa. The formula relies heavily on them.

Bacopa Monnieri is an especially potent plant. The main function of Bacopa monnieri in NooCube is to enhance nerve signals. It will improve reaction times and cognitive processing.

Alpha GPC increases acetylcholine in the body. Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is important to maintaining memory and learning ability, plays a major role in the body.

Noocube Ingredients Label

NooCube contains two amino acids I look for in any good nootropic – l’theanine, and l’tyrosine. These amino acids combine to provide some impressive benefits for your mental health and cognitive wellbeing.

L-tyrosine can help you better manage stress by reducing its negative effects and boosting your mood. L-theanine boosts serotonin levels and doespamine in the brain. This boost in serotonin and dopamine should lead to improved attention.

The formula is built on this foundation. But that’s not all. But there’s more.

You get an immediate boost from huperzine, which is known to enhance memory, as well as oat-straw extract. These two ingredients should improve your focus and concentration. Both of these botanicals can help improve executive function and your working memory. Also, you get two berry polyphenols, resveratrol & pterostilbene. Both are excellent antioxidants. They should help reduce the oxidative stress damage to your brain, while also keeping it younger.

List goes on. NooCube is a benchmark for me. It is the only nootropic I use. The product is of high quality, very well designed, extremely potent and without any side effects. It’s my choice, all things being equal.

The manufacturer offers a 60-day guarantee in the event that it does not work. (Though I don’t think many will need it). So, there is really nothing to loose by trying it.

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Hunter Focus

NooCube is a great benchmark. They are not the only option available – any of these will do. Hunter Focus is one of the most powerful nootropics available.

Hunter Focus Single Bottle

The formula is long and packed with ingredients that are designed to help you achieve what any high-end Nootropic would do: improve executive function, cognitive energy, and working memory. It’s ideal for anyone looking to supplement their ADHD treatment.


Hunter Focus comes with three complexes. These three complexes deliver twenty active ingredients when combined. These complexes contain Concentration Activation, Memory MatrixMood Amplifier. Hunter Focus is a powerful tool.

You can also find out more about the following: Concentration Activation You can also find out more about the following: Memory Matrix Anyone looking to reduce their ADHD symptoms will find this information useful. Anxiety and depression are often associated with ADHD. Mood Amplifier Matrix is also very welcome.

You can also find out more about the following: Concentration Activation The success of the program is largely due to citicoline. It works very similarly to Alpha GPC. We need citicoline. The choline splits into two cytidine and choline, which the first will turn into.

It’s fortunate that it is a compound found naturally in the brain. Unfortunately, we all produce less than optimal amounts.

Anyone looking to improve their focus and concentration should consider using citicoline, a source of exogenous citric acid. By improving the communication between brain neurons, acetylcholine can also improve memory and learning.

Citicoline converts cytidine into uridine which helps to preserve long-term mental health.

You can also find out more about the following: Concentration Activation Complex also contains l-theanine, and l tyrosine. These amino acids, as we have seen with NooCube bring benefits for cognitive function and wellbeing. They are a good addition to any nootropic supplements.

Focus ingredients

You can also find out more about the following: Memory ComplexIt is equally important for someone who wants to combat the symptoms of ADHD. This supplement works both on long-term memory and working memory. The primary focus of this product is lion’s mane, and I think that’s a great idea. Lion’s Mane is one of the most powerful nootropics money can buy. The product contains erinacines (compounds that help to improve cognitive function and health) and hericenones.

The brain produces more nerve growth factor in both cases. NGF helps to stimulate nerve growth, which is not surprising. It plays an important role in the repair and maintenance nerves and brain pathways. It should also help optimize the memory.

You can also find out more about the following: Memory Complex This supplement also uses a lot of bark from maritime pine trees, something I like. This is one of the best-supported ingredients in the list of supplements, as there are a lot of studies that support its abilities to enhance cognitive function and improve brain functions.

Concentration is one of the areas where these improvements are most noticeable. This increases blood flow, which provides more oxygen and nutrients to fuel the brain.

Hunter Focus’ maritime pine bark is standardized at 95% proanthocyanidins. This makes it the highest quality available.

The bacopa is also generously served in this recipe. Memory Matrix. This can improve overall cognition and working memory.

Last but not least, there is Mood Amplifier. It is a great way to use phosphatidylserine and Ashwagandha. I personally take ashwagandha daily, in some form. This is the perfect way to help you overcome stress and anxiety symptoms, both of which can be common in ADHD. We have seen how important choline is. PS also supports increased NGF levels to further repair and maintain neuronal cells.

Hunter Focus may be the most complete nootropic you can find. It may be a little behind NooCube in terms of quality but it is still an excellent tool for anyone looking to enhance their focus and cognitive health, as well as those who are looking to alleviate the symptoms associated with ADHD.

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VyvaMind 3 Bottles

Vyvamind makes a great choice for those who are looking for an all-natural, nootropic ADHD supplement. This is a great choice for anyone looking to reduce or eliminate ADHD symptoms. It’s a nootropic and not an AHDH drug, so it doesn’t work for ADHD symptoms. Their website makes a lot of noise about how it is good for people who struggle with concentration.

Vyvamind contains many of the same ingredients that we have seen in other products. The formula seems to be a bit less potent than other products that I have looked at, such as NooCube or Mind Lab Pro. There is much more going on than you might think.

Citicoline is combined with the amino acids, l-tyrosine (l-theanine) and l -tyrosine. Already, we’re onto something good, even if it is a bit vanilla. With these two ingredients, it will be able to do almost everything that you want. You can also add B6 (at generous doses of 2.5 mg) and B12 to your foundation. This little bunch should help you improve your concentration and mental processing.

The stimulant paradox is a thing with ADHD. Shortly, stimulant medications can cause a reduction in motor activity. It is for this reason that Vyvamind has been a strong advocate of ADHD symptoms mitigation. This product contains high levels of caffeine anhydrous – one of the most potent, bioavailable and highest quality forms of caffeine.

The theory as well as the research that underpins Vyvamind is incredibly solid.

VyvaMind Label

The ingredients in that formula are fantastic. Nootropics are a great way to improve your brainpower. This formula contains a variety of time-tested, common nootropics that work just as well as others. It’s not as powerful as NooCube, but it is still a great product. The stimulant profile is also a great feature for people who are looking to treat ADHD.

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You could certainly argue that NooCube and a coffee would do the trick. You will get the same stimulation as its nootropic blend. You’re right, I made the exact same argument.

We’re not talking about ADHD.

The key to success is simplicity. Less thinking, more results. Don’t overcomplicate it. Take one pill, swallow it, and go about your day. Your symptoms will be significantly improved. Do note that too much coffee on top of ADHD medications can cause problems, so proceed with caution.

The price is also very reasonable, and that’s always good to know. You can also get some great multi-buy offers – for example, if you buy a 3-month package, it will cost you less than $50 per month, which in nootropics is a good price.

It is a leader. It’s a front-runner, but not necessarily for the entire nootropics market. It’s great for people who struggle with ADHD symptoms.

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Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro Single Bottle

Two nootropics are leading the market. NooCube was the first. It’s now time to look at the second product, Mind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra. This is one of the best supplements available in every area. This is one of the most effective nootropics.

Mind Lab Pro has a stunning design. The template of Mind Lab Pro is very similar to Hunter Focus. It’s a tri-pronged strategy, since it targets specific areas which should combine into something similar to full-mind wellness.

This recipe has been streamlined compared with Hunter Focus. This is great. Hunter Focus has a list of ingredients that is arguably overly long, with only a few doing the heavy lifting.

Mind Lab Pro does not mean that it is minimal. This blend contains eleven natural ingredients. All of them are blended together to produce some of the most powerful benefits available from any nootropic.

Mind Lab Pro gives you a nice dose of the lion’s-mane mushroom. It’s no surprise that this product is very effective. We have seen its benefits. This should be able to increase your NGF production, leading to better executive function and lasting brain health.

This product also uses citicoline which we’ve seen previously. This will help you feel and think young, and improve brain cell regeneration.

There are also three other botanicals with a lot of power – bacopa monnieri (also known as PS), and maritime pine bark, which is a high-quality version that contains a large number of antioxidants.

MLP Ingredients label

Stress and anxiety should start to decrease as soon as you begin using these.

These two amino acids, theanine and ltyrosine are once again a prominent pair, which can improve your mental health and focus.

It shares the DNA of any other good nootropic. It diverges slightly from the original template with some added features.

It’s also great for stress. The powerful adaptogen herb rhodiola Rosea is found in this product. Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen that can fight stress symptoms and signs. It also has its own benefits in terms of nootropics, which can help to improve your cognitive abilities, attention span, focus and mental speed.

Anyone looking to overcome ADHD symptoms should consider rhodiola. This would be effective in isolation. It is hard to resist the temptation of including it in high-end nootropics (at a price that is actually very reasonable). This is a great tool for any neurodiverse.

There is also a B-vitamin complex that’s really, really effective. B vitamins are essential for maintaining cognitive function and cognition. Vitamin B6, B9 and B12 are all important for maintaining a healthy brain, improving cognition in the short term, enhancing executive functions, and balancing your mood.

Mind Lab Pro is a great option for anyone who struggles with ADHD.

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Centrapeak box

Our final product is a superior nootropic aimed primarily at men.

This kind of gendered emphasis in a magazine is often a marketing trick that’s erroneous. This is not the case. CentraPeak, a clever nootropic which gives you something more.

CentraPeak is a supplement that aims at optimizing cognitive function and health. You can also read about how to get in touch with us. optimizing your natural testosterone output. It’s therefore aimed primarily at men. It’s not to say that it will work for women. This nootropic is still very effective and has great cognitive benefits. It’s most effective in the context of men’s healthcare.

It is a clever idea to optimize testosterone production in combination with nootropics that provide solid benefits. Low testosterone and poor cognition share many symptoms. Sluggishness and brain fog are common symptoms of both. They also include lack of focus and drive, anxiety and stress. Both can be caused by the same thing – a plugging of a testosterone deficiency or optimizing testosterone production can improve cognition on its own.

It may be useful or not in the context of ADHD. CentraPeak is a nootropic supplement that can be beneficial, although the testosterone production may not seem to have any connection with ADHD. CentraPeak may be the best option if you have ADHD and low testosterone.

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CentraPeak uses many of the ingredients found in the other nootropics listed. You get good amounts of the botanicals PS, Ashwagandha and Rhodiola Rosea. These should help you to improve focus, clarity, and overcome the effects of anxiety and stress.

Centrapeak ingredients

Ashwagandha is also linked to optimal testosterone production – Prime Male, my daily testosterone booster, uses it extensively. Pine bark is a good source of l’tyrosine and the amino acid l’theanine.

CentraPeak is distinguished by its unique features.

It uses Korean Ginseng. It’s not a great nootropic. However, it can improve circulation which, in theory, should mean that more blood, and therefore oxygen, is flowing to the brain. It’s more of a libido boost, which helps you overcome the symptoms of low testosterone.

The velvet bean, or Mucuna Pruriens (also known as Indole-3-Carbinol) is also used. By inhibiting the production of estrogen, both work together to raise total and free levels of testosterone.

CentraPeak formula also contains a lot of vitamins. Vitamin D3 can raise testosterone. It is a precursor hormone to testosterone and secosteroid. Vitamin D3 has been shown to increase testosterone. We have already discussed vitamin B6. Aside from its nootropic potential, vitamin B6 also plays a role in regulating androgen and estrogen production. These two factors will increase testosterone production.

The vitamin complex also contains K2. The health of men is dependent on vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is important for men’s health. It keeps your bones strong and boosts testosterone production. This nootropic also helps to maintain long-term cognitive health.

CentraPeak formula is largely mineral-based. Particularly for increasing testosterone production.

Zinc is the most important. It is essential to maintain testosterone levels. You can optimize your testosterone levels with it.

It is also known to boost the levels of testosterone free in your body. This is also something of a Nootropic. It can improve both short and long term memory while simultaneously improving attention and focus.

Magnesium Citrate inhibits the binding of SHBG to testosterone, while also possibly assisting total testosterone production.

CentraPeak is a strange choice for ADHD. It’s not at the top. It’s worth looking into if, as a male with ADHD or low testosterone (which is more common than one might imagine), you are struggling. This could change your life, by giving you back cognitive health and mental well-being through many different routes.

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Prescription Drugs Over Nootropics for ADHD Treatment

Nootropics are not a standalone treatment for ADHD. Nootropics are not a substitute for prescribed medication and do not take the place of proper doctor-led care. They are a complement, auxiliary and addition to any healthcare. Here is when they are at their best.

Nootropics are an excellent option for people with ADHD who are on a treatment plan but still feel that their cognitive abilities are not performing at optimal levels. Nootropics can be a great alternative to prescription medications, especially if your symptoms are mild.

Multiple symptoms can also be present without the diagnosis of ADHD. Modern medicine is a little naive in this area. No matter how well you are doing, if you have several ADHD symptoms then a medical treatment is warranted.

You either have ADHD, or you do not. You will be dismissed if you do not have ADHD, even if you are only a tiny bit off.

You may want to experiment with nootropics if this is you. You may find that nootropics can help you to reach a level of performance where you may not otherwise be considered fit by modern medicine. Nootropics have this purpose. Then there is the fit for purpose. There is also optimal performance. The Nootropics will bring you to this level, regardless of where you start.


It’s a tough decision. This is a very strong list. You can benefit from almost everything on this list. It will optimize your executive functions, working memory and mental well-being. They are subtle differences. They all bring something different.

NooCube or Mind Lab Pro are both excellent choices if you want pure quality. NooCube is my favorite, although it’s close. Both are excellent. They are also both very vanilla. Both excel at nootropics, but add nothing extra to the mix.

It will make your ADHD worse if you have low testosterone. This will affect your mental and physical wellbeing at a time when you need them to work in your favor. CentraPeak is a great way to start. You may find that it changes your life. When I started taking good natural testosterone boosters in my early 30s, I found that my life changed for the better.

Vyvamind would definitely be my first choice if all else was equal.

Vanilla nootropics are not the most effective baseline. NooCube will always be the winner. It makes a huge difference to include a high-quality stimulant like caffeine anhydrous. This will cause the stimulant paradox.

You will paradoxically find that you are calmer and have more clarity. It is the perfect place to begin for all the other ingredients. You will find yourself calmer and more focused, perhaps for the very first time.

The impact of this can be profound.

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