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Is epoxy flooring a good idea for flooring surfaces?


As you know, epoxy is used in various products, including flooring, wood, jewelry, and many more elemental accessories, to make them more stylish and aesthetic. So when it comes to epoxy flooring, it is all about the flooring surface comprising several layers of epoxy being applied on the surface with a depth of two millimeters.

Floor coating of epoxy is generally applied over concrete floors to create and provide high performance and durability to the surface. The best way to maintain clean, safe, and hygiene conditions for the worker in epoxy floor coating is generally used in commercial and industrial flooring.

Whether you require a layer of the garage floor, workstation, or playroom for children, the experts can provide you with customized solutions with all the standards for epoxy flooring.

How is the preparation of epoxy flooring coating done?

Since epoxy flooring needs a clean and somewhat absorbent surface to absorb correctly, it is necessary to patch and repair all the cracks and chips on the surface before applying the layer to the surface.

Also, removing the grease on the surface will be a perk for applying the epoxy coating. Check the favorable environment for temperature as recommended by the manufacturer. As unfavorable temperature conditions may lead epoxy to bubble and peel, you need to complete the epoxy coating application on the surface in a limited time, as epoxy is a two-part liquid that needs to be mixed before applying, before it becomes harder.

There are specific formulas or primer that is require to applie. The primer, like in paints, is applie before epoxy coating. To use the primer, you need to cover the entire floor with water and then extend the primer with the applicator or a roller pin on a pole.

Once the primer is drie, second coat of the primer is to applie before coating, and then the finisher is use in the same way as the primer; however, water is not require for this.

How to select the best epoxy floor coating?

There is always a challenge when choosing the most suitable epoxy flooring material.  Epoxy is by mixing resin and hardener/activator, a two-part product. Unlike paints, epoxy does not dry through simple evaporation of the solvent, which can be water or oil-based.

  • 100 percent solids which are Two-part epoxy coating

A two-part epoxy flooring is one of the costly options which can addresse as 100 percent solids. It offers the best surface for concrete with an attractive finish and does not contain any traditional solvents.

One hundre percent of epoxy solid kits are primarily use with decorative chips, and the surface can fully hardene within 24 hours once applie. Fumes are produce while applying the epoxy coating, ensuring adequate ventilation while coating the surface.

  • Two part water based epoxy floor coating

Epoxy shield and quikrete are some of the two-part water-base solutions which can easily found at any hardware or home improvement shop. This hybrid product contains elements of resin and hardener or activator of epoxy flooring.

Still, the only thing is that it has water as a solvent and requires. 2-3 days to dry out entirely upon applying to the surface. The best part of this coating is that it can use even. When the ventilation is not adequate, unlike 100 percent of epoxy solids. 

Benefits of epoxy flooring coating

Gone are those days when mosaics and marbles were use for flooring. Now, with the advancement, it is easy to use epoxy as a coating which has many advantages and benefits like:-

  • As cutting or applying additional adhesives or equipment on the surface is not require, it can easily install.
  • Highly durable and can easily clean.
  • As it does not require a particular maintenance set, it is primarily suitable for warehouses and industries.
  • It is resistant to water and oil stains.
  • Epoxy can customize with paints and color options to get a more aesthetic look for the floor coating.
  • It can increase the brightness of the interiors by creating a shiny gloss surface. 


Although epoxy flooring is an excellent option for floor coating, you should never forget to do some prerequisites before applying the epoxy floor coating on the concrete surface.

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