The paperwork you need to buy a used Motorcycles in India


Many people in India buy used motorcycles. In reality, used bikes are less expensive than new ones and perform just as well on the road. Even if you buy an old bike, you will need to provide paperwork.

As soon as you buy a used motorcycle, the prior owner’s ownership must be changed to your name. You must thus have all necessary paperwork, such as the insurance certificate, the vehicle’s original registration certificate (RC), the PUC certificate, and many more. These papers must be obtained from the prior owner and changed over to your name. All of these documents are necessary to get the Transfer Vehicle Registration Certificate (TVRC). This certificate will serve as evidence that you are the rightful owner of the bike you purchased. These documents will really still be needed in the future.

list of the major documents you need before you commit to buying a used Motorcycle.

  • The RC book
  • Certificate of Vehicle Registration
  • PUC authorization
  • Insurance for two-wheelers
  • Two-wheeler sales receipt
  • Forms 28, 29, 30 
  • Address verification and passport-sized pictures

1. The RC Book

This document, commonly known as the registration certificate, is one of the most important proofs of a motorcycle’s registration. If you ever want to transfer ownership of the bike, you must submit this book to the RTO. As a result, when acquiring a motorcycle, you must receive the RC book from the previous owner. Check and double-check the RC Book to ensure it contains critical information such as the seller’s name, chassis number, engine, and other pertinent information. If the previous owner secured a loan to acquire the bicycle, the paperwork will include a bank seal. In such a case, you must get a bank’s NOC letter and a Form 35 stamped with the information that the loan was paid off and that there are no outstanding amounts.

2. Insurance for two-wheelers

This is one of the most important paperwork that is necessary for any vehicle that runs on Indian roads, according to the most recent motor vehicle rules. If you do not have an insurance certificate, the RTO will not register your motorbike. As a result, before you sign the contract, get the motorcycle’s insurance certificate from the vendor. As soon as you obtain the certificate, contact the insurance company to have the title changed to your name.

3. PUC authorization

The Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate, in addition to other legal documents, is essential. You must check a used motorcycle before purchasing it. Every two-wheeler in India requires a PUC certificate. This certificate certifies that the motorbike’s pollutant emissions meet Indian pollution control standards. When a two-wheeler passes an emission test, it is issued a PUC. The PUC contains the test date, the vehicle’s licence plate number, the serial number of the certificate, the certificate’s expiration date, and the test results.

4. Used Motorcycles : Two-wheeler sales receipt

Before purchasing a used motorcycle, you must get the prior owner’s road tax certificate. Road tax is frequently paid to the RTO on an annual or lump sum basis. You must provide this card, which contains information about road tax payments, to the RTO. This certificate proves that the merchant paid his or her road tax on time and in full. The traffic police may demand you to submit this document during routine inspections. If you decide to sell your bike, especially if it will be relocated from one state to another, you will need these documents.

5. Address verification and passport-sized pictures

Before purchasing a used bike, you must get the previous owner’s road tax certificate. Road tax is frequently paid to the RTO yearly or in one flat amount. This card, which provides information on road tax payments, must be presented to the RTO. This certificate proves that the merchant paid the road tax on time and in full. During routine inspections, traffic officers may demand you to provide this document. This documentation will be required if you wish to sell your bike, especially if it will be relocated from one state to another.

Submission of required documents by a buyer

Here are some examples of the paperwork a buyer must provide when buying a used bike.

  • Real address verification
  • legal identification
  • two photos in passport size

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