The Best Electric Scooters In 2022


Disregard the terrible rep from that multitude of rental scooters that litter the walkway in your city — electric scooters are an extraordinary method for getting around. The best electric scooters are quick and more reasonable than any electric bicycle, and you’ll eliminate your gas spending as you drive less. Additionally, they’re delightful to ride as you hurdle in and out of town. Also, get a 40% discount using the Aovopro Promo Code while purchasing the electric scooters. You can save the planet and your wallet at the same time.

Electric scooters could all look pretty similar from the get-go, yet in the engine, their details can shift quite a little, so which one is best for you depends greatly on where and how frequently you ride. Some can take you many miles on a solitary charge, while others incline toward execution-based highlights like numerous speeds. The best electric scooters offer a good range so you don’t get stuck abandoned, strong brakes so you can stop in a snap, and coordinated lighting or reflectors to stay protected in obscurity. Here are our top picks.

1) Apollo City

Top speed: 25 mph| Range: 28 miles | Weight: 39 pounds | Max load: 265 pounds

A do-it-all bike for your drives around and drives, the Apollo City is a strong choice for anybody searching for a high-quality electric bike for any street condition. You can shake in and out of town at 25 mph and break easily because of the triple-slowing mechanism. Because of its comfortable front and back spring suspension, you’ll feel open to exploring potholes. And keeping in mind that 39 pounds don’t see precisely good light, it’s lighter and more straightforward to move than models with a close range and speed capacities.

When you want to load it into the metro or convey it up the steps, the Apollo City folds down into a smaller bundle. On the off chance that you feel a little uncertain, it accompanies a 14-day merchandise exchange, free delivery, and a one-year guarantee on any assembling deserts.


  • Extraordinary weight-to-range proportion
  • Top speed is a lot for most users
  • One-year guarantee and free delivery


  • Pricey

2) Yvolution YES Electric Scooter

Top speed: 15.5 mph | Range: 15.5 miles | Weight: 34.2 pounds | Max load: 220 pounds

This retro-rousing bike is attractive with a maple wood deck and delicate, matte varieties like aquamarine and rose — ideal for riders who need to focus on a style. However, it’s both brains and good looks, and this bike is unimaginably fit at its cost point. With amazing slope climbing abilities, you can handle 14% grades in San Francisco or Seattle neighborhoods. The inventive FlexxPress configuration suspends the deck over the casing, so it retains shock as you turn over rocks or knocks.

Fledglings riders will cherish the user-accommodating plan: the single-button connection point is straightforward with a LED show and three speeds. The YES Scooter is likewise equipped with five well-being lights, including a round front lamp and deck lights so you can ride around evening time.


  • Basic, retro plan with five variety choices and wood framing
  • Equipped with five well-being lights
  • Lightweight and folds up for simple storage


  • Lower weight limit than most on this rundown

3) UNAGI Model One E500

Top speed: 20 mph | Range: 15.5 miles | Weight: 26.5 pounds | Max load: 275 pounds

We love the Unagi Model One because it is smooth and all-around created with absolute meticulousness, from the flush LED show in the handlebars to the air pockets in the 7.5″ tires for shock assimilation. With a carbon fiber tube, magnesium handlebars, and an aluminum body, every one of the parts are lightweight. This electric bike times in at 26.5 pounds contrasted with the 30+ pound weight of different models on this rundown, so it’s an extraordinary decision on the off chance that you intend to convey it up a flight or a greater amount of steps.

The E500 highlights a 500W battery so you can ride up 15-degree slants effortlessly and double electronically monitored slowing mechanisms to stop quickly and securely. By and large, we’re dazzled that Unagi figures out how to pack such a great amount into such a light bundle.


  • Flawlessly coordinated dashboard in the handlebars
  • High max rider weight
  • Elastic tires forestall pads


  • The range is restricted, so it’s not perfect for longer drives.

4) GoTrax G3 Electric Scooter

Top speed: 15.5 mph | Range: 18 miles | Weight: 36.3 pounds | Max load: 220 pounds

What’s ideal? This spending plan cordial electric bike offers many capacities as different models at a lower price point. With a price tag under $500, this bike will pay for itself after the initial not many months after you stop spending your whole check to fill your fuel tank.

With a wide deck for added security and voyage control for simple riding, this e-bike is very novice cordial. It comes equipped with fog light, taillight, and an implicit link lock, so you have all that you want for the ride readily available. It charges quickly — in just 4.5 hours — so you’ll be prepared to ride at whatever point the temperament strikes.


  • Underlying well-being lights and reflectors
  • Loaded with highlights at a lower price


  • May not be all around as solid as different models
  • No suspension implies a possibly unpleasant ride

5) InMotion L9

Top speed: 18.6 mph | Range: 59 miles | Weight: 53 pounds | Max load: 308 pounds

The InMotion L9 destroys the opposition with regards to battery duration and range. At 59 miles, this bike’s range has more than 30 miles on some other on this rundown. But at the same time, it’s a great all-around choice for workers because it is water-safe and has automatic blinkers, so you can remain regardless of when you ride.

While the max speed isn’t quite basically as high as other high-execution models, you’ll feel zippy as you’re driving in and out of town as the twin front shocks and back spring suspension make a smooth ride. Whenever you’re done up, you can get to nitty gritty ride data or lock your bike in the InMotion cell phone application.


  • A great range for long drives
  • InMotion cell phone application permits you to control the bike and access details.
  • Highest max weight of any bike we’ve seen


  • Weighty

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