A Brief Idea About Post-Treatment Vivera Retainers for Invisalign Patients


If you are just about to finish your orthodontic treatment, then it is time to switch over to retainers. There are several types of retainers available for orthodontic patients. Among those Vivera retainers deserve specially mentioned. Vivera retainers are exclusively invisalign retainers. These are clear retainers. You can use these retainers irrespective of whether you were on conventional fixed braces or on clear, transparent invisalign aligners. In the following section let us explore a little about this range of orthodontic retainers for the teeth.

An orthodontic treatment just does not end at your newly improved smile. Rather the procedure continues as you need to keep wearing your retainers to avoid the teeth sinking back into their initial position. Considering this fact, it becomes obvious that you must pick the best retainers for your teeth. When you have the right retainers in your kitty then maintaining your confident new smile becomes a lot easier. Now let us get started and explore more about these retainers.

What exactly are Vivera retainers?

Vivera retainers – as it has already been mentioned above – are offered by invisalign. These are custom made clear, transparent retainers. These retainers look much similar to clear aligners. But unlike aligners, retainers do not move your teeth and rather, hold or retain them in place once your orthodontic treatment comes to an end. Vivera clear retainers are made with ‘state of the art’ technology and are a vital tool to retain your confident new smile.

The retainers are made from the same material that invisalign aligners are made of – premium variety SmartTrack material. But unlike the aligners, these retainers are comparatively little thicker. This allows holding the teeth in place as well as the retainers last for years together. Vivera retainers are innovatively designed. These are not meant to break or lose the shape. But in case you face such issues then there is nothing to worry about. Invisalign provides proper backup with these retainers. Thus, you can switch over easily without a fuss without letting the teeth a chance to sink back into their original position. Moreover, invisalign will be preserving the 3D imaging of your mouth. As a result, ordering a new set of this item will not raise any hue or cry by any means.

Extensive research carried out on orthodontic patients proves retainers are indeed a critical tool to maintain the position and the alignment of the teeth once your orthodontic treatment comes to an end. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose retainers that spell comfort and are also functional for use. With Vivera retainers, you can definitely tick all these boxes.

Invisalign retainers – what are the advantages?

Vivera are clear transparent retainers from invisalign. These orthodontic retainers offer loads of benefits compared to other varieties of the product. The advantages that these retainers provide include the following –

  • These retainers – unlike many others that are available – do not affect your speech.
  • To get these retainers you do not require any additional appointment to get impressions of your mouth or imaging needs. Reordering a new set of Vivera retainers is absolutely smooth and hassle-free as invisalign digitally preserves your 3D imaging for sake of future references.
  • Vivera retainers are not only effective in holding your teeth to their correct position but are also known to be durable. These retainers easily last for years together with minimal care and maintenance.
  • If you are still doubtful, then we must tell you these retainers – unlike all other varieties – are lab-tested tpo last much longer than other retainers.
  • Vivera retainers are absolutely smooth and comfortable. Thanks to its advanced 3D imaging technology, it fits your mouth perfectly unlike just any other variety.
  • With Vivera retainers you are guaranteed to experience absolutely minimal irritation in the lips and the mouth.

What is the purpose of retainers?

After an orthodontic treatment or procedure gets over, retainers are important. This is true for all sorts of orthodontic dentistry treatments – be it with conventional fixed braces or invisible aligners. Retainers – as the name suggests – retain the teeth in place. If you do not wear retainers once the braces come out of your teeth for the final time at the end of a treatment the teeth are likely to sink back into their original position. The same concept goes in retaining your newly aligned bite as well. Sinking of the teeth to their original position after an orthodontic treatment is called teeth relapse. Vivera retainers hold the teeth as well as your bite in the new, correct alignment so that there is no relapse.

How long will I have to wear a Vivera retainer?

The amount of time for which you have to wear these invisalign aligners on your teeth is not fixed, rather it varies from case to case. Your dentist or orthodontist will assess that with respect to the unique features present in your case and will tell you the estimated time. Some people have to wear retainers full time once their treatment is over. Gradually the time comes down and finally they have to wear these post-treatment appliances only at night while sleeping. Others may have to wear the retainers only at night. After say 6 months this gets reduced and they wear the retainers only thrice a week before going to bed. This is something that cannot be predicted and your invisalign orthodontist or dentist is the best person to decide that for you.

Cost of Vivera retainers in the UK

The price of Vivera retainers varies widely across the country. It totally depends on your invisalign specialist and the practice you choose. A complete upper and lower set of Vivera retainers will cost anywhere between £125 and £200. However, on discount offers you are likely to get 3 complete sets of both upper and lower retainers at an average price of £400 and not more. Based on this discussion you must have guessed that invisalign treatment packages usually do not cover retainers. You have to buy it separately or at an additional cost at the end of your treatment.

Vivera retainers that are prescribed to Invisalign patients are costlier than other varieties, namely Hawkley, fixed and Essix. But most of these retainers are sold as a single piece whereas Vivera comes in a complete set. As a result, the cost finally works out to be more reasonable in case of Invisalign retainers.

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