Why is Flutter highly used for mobile app development?


Founded by former employees of Google, the Flutter app development platform recently celebrated its first birthday. It has already reached the v1.0 milestone with an impressive list of companies that use it as their primary tool for mobile app development. So, what makes this new technology so appealing to developers? Here are five reasons you should consider using Flutter instead of traditional tools like Xcode and Android Studio to develop your next mobile app.


One of the main reasons Flutter is so popular is because it allows developers to create high-quality apps quickly. With Flutter, you can build an app that looks and feels excellent without wasting time or money. That’s why hiring Flutter developers are often the best way to go if you want your business up and running in no time.

Hot Reload and State Preservation

Flutter has two very important features that help contribute to its popularity among developers: hot reload and state preservation. Hot reload allows developers to quickly and easily test changes to their code without having to restart the app, while state preservation preserves the app’s state even when hot reloading. This means developers can make changes and see them reflected immediately without worrying about losing data.

Cross Platform Development

Flutter allows you to write one codebase that compiles to both iOS and Android. This saves time because you don’t have to maintain two separate codebases. You can hire flutter developers to work on the project.

The SDK provides Widgets, Animation, Gestures, and Protocols which are all easy to use.

It also has a reactive framework called the Dart programming language, which lets you build apps with fewer lines of code.

Great Support from Google

Flutter has excellent support from Google. They are constantly working to improve the framework and make it more stable. Additionally, many resources are available online and through the Google, community to help you get started with Flutter.

Another reason Flutter is gaining popularity is that it allows developers to create cross-platform apps. This means that you can write one codebase and have it work on both iOS and Android devices.

Maintaining Separation of Concerns

When building software, it’s important to maintain separation of concerns. This means that each piece of code should have a single responsibility. This makes code more maintainable and easier to understand. As such, developers who use Flutter can keep the UI and the framework separate. For example, if the developer wants to add animation between two screens in their app, they can create this animation in one place without affecting the other parts of their app.

Flexibility due to Widgets

Flutter allows for a high degree of flexibility regarding the user interface. This is because Flutter uses widgets as opposed to views. This means that you can create your own devices or use existing ones. You can easily change the look and feel of your app by changing the widget tree. This flexibility makes it easy to create beautiful and unique-looking apps.

Fully supported by Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Flutter is a Google-supported framework for creating cross-platform mobile applications with a single codebase. This means that developers can write one codebase and have it work on both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, the compiled binary is then optimized to run natively. And lastly, GCP offers many services like Firebase Analytics, Cloud Storage, Cloud Functions, etc., all of which are integrated into the framework, so you don’t need to worry about them.

Open Source – Dart Language & SDK

The Dart language and SDK are open sources, so anyone can hire Flutter developers to create apps. The language is easy to learn, and the SDK has everything you need to create high-quality, interactive apps. Flutter apps are fast and responsive, so they’re great for users.

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