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Important Information about Women’s Dress for Umrah


As Umrah is the most important journey, you may forget some important things when planning your trip. As a believer, you are surrounded by the aura of Allah (SWT), and you feel a strong desire to go and pray to Allah (SWT) during Umrah. May Allah grant the entire Ummah the right guidance to see the beauty of Islam and benefit from it. You might be so busy with your travel and accommodation arrangements that you forget to read about the essential aspects of cheap umrah packages.

How Should Women Dress for Umrah?

However, you don’t need to worry about it. We have carefully reviewed what women should wear during Umrah. Such as what to wear. 

Cover Your Face

Just as men do not cover their heads during Umrah, women should not cover their faces or wear gloves. Allah’s Messenger (saw) clearly says that “Muhrimah (ihram women) should not cover their faces or wear gloves”.

Colours of Clothes that a Woman May Wear While Bathing

Women may wear whatever they want, but they must not be too attractive or resemble men’s clothes. Clothes must cover the arms and legs and must not be too short. Moreover, women should not wear tight-fitting clothes that show the size of their limbs. They should not wear see-through clothing or clothing that exposes the lower part of the body. 

● Women do not have to wear specific colours. 

● They can choose a colour specific to women, such as red, green, or black. 

● Women can change colour if they wish.

Wearing Jewellery in Ihram

Women in Ihram are allowed to wear jewellery. According to the Bukhari book, Umm al-Mu’minin al-‘A’isha saw no problem with muhurimah wearing jewellery.

What to Do and What Not to Do?

There are other essential contents and factors to consider when choosing a muhurimah. Read these carefully and prepare appropriate clothing for Umrah. These tips will help you quickly choose the right Umrah outfit and save time or money.

Multiple Ihram Clothes

When you go for Umrah, you wear Ihram many times, so you should prepare at least three or four sets of Ihram. The thicker the fabric, the better it will cover your body. It is also advisable to choose breathable fabrics.

Choose Fabric Blends

Saudi Arabia is a hot country, and countless pilgrims make the scorching sun even more unbearable. If you choose plain fabrics, you will only get tired and risk drowning in the sun.

Avoid Black Clothes

Black is a material that quickly absorbs heat, so if you wear black, you will feel hot and bothered. Must fully immerse the journey to Allah in singing God’s name. Don’t be distracted by discomfort, and dress appropriately. A baggy, full-sleeved dress, white trousers, white underwear, and white socks are best. And choose a long white headscarf that covers your entire body.

Simple Cotton Clothes

Don’t run around a foreign country looking for the right clothes. We give you the best tips so you can save time and wash your ears only in the name of Allah. Wear plain clothes with cotton fabric mixed in. So, reducing the size of your pores and allowing you to breathe correctly.

  • It isn’t easy to breathe if you wear heavy clothes because you are covered from head to toe. 
  • In most cases, it is best to wear a waist-length headscarf. 
  • Remember to wear a white headscarf to prevent your hair from falling out, so you don’t have to do it all over again.

The Right Foot Wear

Choosing the right shoes for Umrah is equally essential. Many religious authorities say covering your feet is part of the Hijab. Therefore, you must not wear slippers without covering your feet with socks. So, women can also wear sports or walking shoes. However, shoe laces can sometimes come loose, and this can cause problems.

Fewer Possessions

As you will be travelling long distances during the pilgrimage. So, it is best to keep your luggage light. Keep a minimum of things, gather the essential items you cannot compromise on, and pack them efficiently in your bag to save space. 

  • Please note that luggage is not allowed in the mosque. Some organisations organise and provide you with a small bag you can use.
  • Another thing to remember is that if you wear a bag other than a hijab, the bag’s straps may reveal your chest. 
  • So, cover your chest with a scarf and wear the pack under the Hijab. Women can also wear the bag from the front if they wish.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, these tips will save you time and effort in your new home. If you have time, you can find other essential dress codes to follow during Umrah. So, talk to friends and family members who are going on October Umrah Packages and learn what works and what doesn’t, so you can be more careful and learn better.

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