What to Know About Insulated Multilayer Pex Al Pex Pipe


You may not know much about Pex Al Pex Pipe fittings. Well, it is widely approved in major plumbing codes, comes with various features, and is easier to use. They usually come in rolls, so there is no need for soldering and can be cut to any length and combined with joint fittings.

Whether you plan to perform plumbing projects on your own or with expert assistance, these insulated multilayer pipes are a feasible choice for any application. It takes the best advantage of the chemical and corrosion resistance of plastic and the pressure potential of metal by coating aluminium layer between plastic layers. In this comprehensive guide, we will talk more about Pex Al Pex Pipes and fitting to broaden your scope of understanding. Let’s begin!

What is Pex-Al-Pex Pipe?

Pex-Al-Pex 16mm got their name for a sandwiched-layered structure encompassing polyethene plastic (PEX) for the outside layer, Al for aluminium, and another layer of polyethene plastic (PEX) for the inner layer. The finished product is flexible, non-corroding, and resistant to oils, salt solutions, fats, and alkalis.

Key Features:

  • Simple joint assembly – mainly made with either crimp-on connector rings or compression fittings. Such joints are easy and quick to finish.
  • Flexibility – can be easily bent using hands in any direction and stay in a fixed position. It allows you to work around frame members, walls, and floor joists. 
  • Resistant to frost cracking – pex al pex pipe are better than rigid piping when resisting the pressure of freezing water.

Applications: Pex-al-pex tubing is commonly used in outdoor heating and high-temperature systems like fan coils and baseboards. Since then, these pipes started to grow in popularity with radiator heating systems and are considered ideal for all plumbing and mechanical applications. 

They are used for various applications that include:

  • Hot and cold-water plumbing distribution – both residential and commercial
  • Radiant heating and cooling applications – including ceilings, walls, and floors
  • Outdoor ice and snow melting
  • Chilled water piping
  • Pitch heating 
  • Hydronic piping and distribution

Pex Al Pex Pipe vs Other Ultrasound Overlapped Multilayer Pipes

Unlike other ultrasound overlapped multilayer pipes, pex-al-pex is welded fused with aluminium sheet, which results in high resistance of welding line to any other series of alum layer. Ultrasound pipes’ aluminium doesn’t melt and forms welding; in some situations, the aluminium sides may fall apart. 

pex-al-pex pipes offer high safety in the long-term, and resistance to corrosion and tuberculation are tough and durable to survive through complex installations. Aluminium layers can prevent oxygen from permeating the pipe and offer flexibility to retain its shape. All these advantages make pex-al-pex pipes a viable option for brass manifold and underfloor heating systems.


When using pex-al-pex pipes, you can reap significant advantages, such as accessible transport, lightweight, high durability, corrosion resistance, less thermal expansion, flexibility yet can retain its form, and reliability in the long term. It is approved across all plumbing and mechanical codes, ideal for plumbing, underfloor heating, snow/ice melting systems, and turf conditioning. It is always advised to do your research and understand all crucial facts when planning to install pex-al-pex in any plumbing application.

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