Install an Electric Shower – Few Important Facts to Consider


Does your bathroom need a new install an Electric Shower? There can be various reasons when one replaces an existing shower unit. The most common reasons include the following.

  • Changing over from traditional models that are operated by boilers and
  • Malfunctioning of an existing shower unit

Why you want to change your shower unit is although not the big question to keep yourself occupied. Rather, you should keep yourself busy with deciding how to install the hardware unit properly. You can obviously call a professional electrician and get the task done smoothly and fast. However this approach will cost you money. On the other hand you can go DIY. The choice is completely yours. You should go the way that suits you the best. Meanwhile let us explore on installing an electric shower unit.

Preparing for the install an Electric Shower

There is a thing or two that you must always remember while shouldering this kind of task. Those include –

  • Take measurements for the height of the shower box as well as the handset
  • The heights must be appropriate enough for every member of the household to use it conveniently
  • Shower units that run on electricity need a minimum water pressure to function
  • The shower units will also have a minimal flow rate
  • Remove all clutter and clean the surrounding area before commencing the installation procedure

Why you should need to clean the area before installation? This is a valid question. When you clear out everything from the area there is no chance of further cluttering up the space as your installation procedure goes on. There is also no chance for you slipping on soap or making your toothbrushes mangy.

Electrical requirements you need

Electrical requirements needed for electric shower installation are in fact little complicated. But thankfully those are nothing difficult to arrange either. The size of the fuses and cables required for the purpose will certainly vary from one home to another. Even the type of shower unit you have got plays a part in this variation. The safest bet is using a 10 sq mm cable. To put it in easer words, this is the universal shower cable to say. In course of time it is less likely to replace the cable unlike the other varieties.

The electrics on the other hand have to be fused with a dedicated electrical supply system. This system must have a separate fuse to ensure safety from short circuits and other electrical hazards. A double-mounted pole switch for the ceiling is another requirement to ensure safety. In fact this one is the long cord that hangs in your bathroom from the shower. It allows you turn electric supply to the unit on and off fast according to need.

General plumbing requirements for an electrical shower unit

Plumbing requirements are much nominal for this particular project.

  • There has to be a mains plumbing supply
  • Ideally the supply must have a pipe connection measuring 15 sq mm diameter

Other than the two things specified above, nothing else is required.

Some electric showers are easier to install – really?

Yes, it is true that certain varieties of electric showers are comparatively easier to install. As such, the ones that are simplest come with more than one entry point to fit the water pipe. Thus flexibility is undeniably more when installation procedure is concerned. As there is much less fiddling around, you get the job done fast and quick without much fuss. Likewise, swivelling water connection is also ideal. There is plenty of room to place and use the spanner.

As far as rules are regulations are concerned about electric shower installation, you can do the job DIY without calling in a registered electrician or plumber. But it is important to get the work inspected and authorised by a relevant person, a licensed electrician for example.

It is important to remember that some sort of experience with electrics or the other is essential to perform this kind of tasks DIY. When you have zero experience, then that puts you into a lot of unnecessary risk. And electricity is always potentially hazardous.

Things to consider for electric shower installation by a professional

Installing an electric shower DIY is not rocket science. Moreover there is no such regulation that you cannot do it yourself DIY. Yet the job involves a lot of effort and a sound hands-on experience working with electricity. In absence of experience, the job is awfully dangerous. Therefore it is better to call a professional to get the gadget installed. When you have decided to hire a professional, there are few things that you must follow.

  • Collect a number of quotes – Get quite a few quotes before zero in upon someone particular. When you have multiple quotes in your hand, you get an idea about the current market price of the job. When you depend on just a single quote or two, chances are high that you may end up paying more than the standard market rate. So, it is always better to be little careful instead to paying for an overpriced service.
  • Scrutinise the qualifications of your shortlisted tradesmen – as far as electricians and plumbers are concerned, you should not grab the first tradesman who comes under your arm’s length. These jobs require lot of technical expertise. Therefore you must select a professional for your project carefully. Before finally selecting someone make sure to go through his qualifications carefully. Make sure your chosen professional is ‘Part P qualified’. This ensures the professional can handle both electrical and plumbing aspects involved in electric shower installation.
  • Work out the volume of task involved in a job – the cost to install an electric shower by a qualified professional is by no means reasonable in the UK. So when you are hiring a professional tradesman to install an electric shower you should better prepared to pay a lump sum to foot the bill. But you should also work out the size of the job. This will help you bargain effectively in response to a quote. For example, if you are only replacing an existing shower unit with a new one, then the work is quite simple. It is all about taking out the existing unit and fill up that empty space with the new hardware unit before connecting the power and water supply pipes. As there is no major change involved the quote for this kind of job should ideally be more reasonable.

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