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Virtual Reality in London


If you’re a fan of immersive experiences, you can find some of the best places to try virtual reality in London right on our doorstep. virtual reality London is a great place to experience popular single-player and multiplayer games, as well as a VR escape room. If you’re looking for a place to try out new games, you can always try out a free trial at any of our London venues. You can visit virtual reality London for more information.

VR arcade

For a unique experience in the city, visit virtual reality London. The bar is housed in an underused railway, and its interior is white with “immersion rooms. Guests can hear them shout commands or call for help. There’s a faint hum from fans throughout the space. It’s a great way to spend an evening in London. You can also check cyber security UK.

The virtual reality London experience is eerily realistic, with four seasons and glowing trees. The interior includes a poke kitchen and bar, and even a self-serve bar. HTC’s Vive Pro headset uses haptic feedback technology to enhance the sensory experience. Users can feel different sensations such as wind, heat, various scents, and even physical rumbling. In addition to VR games, the VR experience is also accompanied by a roaring sound system.

virtual reality London

Unlike most other attractions, virtual reality London offers an authentic, immersive experience. Guests can explore sixteen immersive VR experiences while interacting with other users. As they explore the various VR environments, they can also earn DreamCoin, which can be used to purchase drinks in the bar. Unlike other virtual reality experiences, virtual reality London also has an exclusive VIP area with private gaming pods for eight people.

There are 14 different VR rooms, each adapted to the game the player chooses. Visitors can experience space exploration, zombies, tackling UFOs, and a futuristic-themed bar. Visitors can also choose from the many escape room experiences London has to offer. Visitors can also play interactive Rick and Morty episodes using VR technology.

Engaged and entertained

When planning a date night out in London, don’t look any further than a thrilling escape room experience in virtual reality London. Not only will this activity be an amazing date night activity for couples, but it can also be a great way to propose to your partner. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran escape room player, virtual reality London offers a unique experience to keep you both engaged and entertained.

Space elevators

If you’ve ever wanted to experience virtual reality without leaving the city, now’s the time. virtual reality London is an interactive virtual reality experience powered by a cutting-edge virtual reality platform that features real-time motion capture technology and the latest Hollywood motion capture cameras. You can enter a swashbuckling fantasy world, survive the Zombie Apocalypse, soar in space elevators, and compete in futuristic combat arenas. The new site features a full hospitality offering and a ground-breaking experience.

This futuristic experience is a first in the UK, allowing groups of people to engage in competitive socializing and group gaming. The virtual reality London experience is powered by haptic feedback suits, custom hardware, motion capture cameras, and 3D body trackers to create a fully immersive environment. Guests will experience multiple experiences throughout the duration of their session in the high-energy social environment.

The virtual reality London venue will also have its own food menu and robotic bartender, IG-1. This robot can serve 80 drinks per hour. Guests can order drinks directly from the robot with the in-built terminals. Specialty cocktails and drinks are based on the theme of each virtual reality London VR experience. In addition, cocktails from Bottle Proof will be on the menu, as well as pizza and other delights from top London food brands.

virtual reality London

Entertainment option

The virtual reality London venue offers visitors a truly luxurious gaming experience. They offer an exciting range of experiences at competitive prices. The virtual reality London building is an impressive design featuring Japanese electronic art, neon lighting, and game-inspired elements. The building has two levels and includes several different zones where visitors can enjoy the experience. Visitors can also enjoy tea or coffee in the unique cafe. The venue offers a variety of entertainment options, and it is open for a wide variety of times.

The immersive experience will combine music, a visual world, and a physical experience. It will transform the relationship between the audience and creators of art. Guests can also interact with other members of the virtual group by interacting with their avatars in the virtual world. They will need to wear a mask and maintain a social distance while experiencing the VR experience.

360-degree view of London

virtual reality London is an open-air Skydeck on the world-famous building, completing a ‘Vertigo’ challenge in a Virtual Reality experience. During the experience, you’ll stand on the virtual Skydeck and step forward to experience a 360-degree view of London. Along the way, you’ll be challenged to complete daring tasks, like balancing on scaffolding while observing the stripped-back construction of Europe’s tallest building.

This 360-degree VR experience allows you to see London from a completely different perspective and enjoy the incredible views of the city. The View From The Shard uses body-motion tracking technology to create a personalized virtual reality experience. You’ll experience the sights from up to 100mph in this unique VR journey. VR experience also features a special experience that gives you the feeling of being on a helter-skelter.

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