Top ideas to photoshoot products on Instagram in 2022: levitation and flat lay


There are many trends in Instagram photography. Followers on Instagram It can be challenging to decide the best way to photograph for IG promotion. Do we silence colours and go, minimalist? Or should there be brighter colours with a splash of colour? It may be more effective to reduce contrast and brightness and create a dark image. Click here

Flat lay and levitation are the top ideas for Instagram products photos in 2022

Let’s now look at the tried-and-true methods for photographing Instagram products. Flat lay and levitation photos will draw attention to your product and help you sell it quickly.

It is best to first learn how to create a mood board for your Instagram profile. Then, you can dive into this article.


Levitation photos are magical! These photos are captivating and get the attention of the viewer. Excellent images can be found on the internet if you search for levitation. This genre is still not very popular. It is difficult to see how levitation works. Most people would be shocked to know that it is usually just a combination of two of several images in post-processing.

Ideas for photo shooting products

I do what I am good at and tend to stay within my field. Recently, I felt the need to find a new creative flow and break out of my comfort zone. I was intrigued by a photo that used levitation. This is how I learned the basics of creating images such as this.

My first attempt at levitation was not very successful. Although I had some ideas for creating these photos, my images were not very good. After filming, the best part was writing down everything I learned to improve my next levitation photo. You will find my lessons so that you don’t have the same experience.



A tripod, camera, a model and props are necessary to create a levitation photo. You can also take your remote control remote shutter release with you if you have one.


Post-processing can be complicated when dealing with the sun and hard shadows. True Photoshop experts will know how to remove a stool or staircase and keep the model’s natural shades intact.


You should shoot from a low viewpoint to create the illusion of the subject floating in the air. But, you need to know how high this is. You should not be below the props that the model is lying or standing on. This will cause the item to block part of their bodies. Photographing your model at the top of their props is the best way to avoid potential dangers. The likelihood of body clipping is reduced by placing the model in front of the support.


These guidelines will help you when creating frames for the final levitation image.


A basic levitation image is a combination of at least two frames. At least one photo of the background is required, and at most, one of the models against it.


In levitation photography, Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop are popular tools for creating final images. It doesn’t matter what software you use. It is essential to colour-correct multiple photos before you upload them. Lightroom offers an excellent sync feature that allows you to apply the same settings for a particular series of photographs.

Excellent photos can be taken with a person or a levitating object. For more information on how to photograph models on Instagram, visit our People Photography Guide.

Make sure to share everything you have taken on Instagram. To make your customers feel authentic, show behind-the-scenes photos and videos.

Automated posting can be enabled on Instagram.

You can upload up to 100 posts in advance and then relax. All posts will be published without you having to move! In fact, it will automatically publish captions and bars, so you don’t have to do anything!


Flat lays are photographs of products placed on a flat surface taken from above. They are meant to showcase a product and a little style, lifestyle, or atmosphere. It could be a photograph of a workspace, a table setting or any other thematic arrangement.

This article provides tips for beginners looking to diversify their Instagram accounts or shoot items for catalogues or stocks. What resources are available to help you build your first home?

A flat lay, except for photos of people, seems like a still-life. These aren’t just harmoniously arranged items but also a moment in product understanding. This picture shows the character of the item. Before you begin shooting, think about who your audience is and their age and gender. What do they love, and where do they live?

The decor is not your forte. Keep the decoration for later. Garlands, ribbons, and sequins are often detrimental to the frame’s logic. When you are just starting to understand the layout, less is more.

Sometimes, hands in a laptop frame look better than garlands and lilac flowers on the keyboard.


Background. The background is what supports your layout in a flat design. Natural tones and natural-looking materials are best. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t:

Synthetic, glossy surfaces. These shiny surfaces sparkle in unexpected places, and it can be challenging to control the glare of photo editors.

Plastic, leatherette and glass, as well as laminate with joints.

A horrible background. It may look greyish if you use a smartphone to take photos.

Use colours you see in nature. You can purchase a ready-made background (wood-like or concrete-like) in a shop for artists. If you don’t have the time or money to shop, matte materials might be a good choice.

Take, for example, linen, wool, and burlap. Layout objects on natural wood flooring or furniture board. It is possible to knit without complicated patterns. Sand and fine stone are other options.

Tip: Avoid using prints, sequins, or fabrics with complex textures.

Select a background with texture

Take a look at the surfaces at your home. You can choose to use simple items (e.g., a scarf, shawl or knit blanket). Or flat surfaces. You can also find ready-made backgrounds or make your own. You can get a fur rug from Ikea or specially knitted and painted boards. Or you can buy a set of coloured papers from a local bookstore.

Match colours and shoot in natural light

The style of the photo depends on the play of shadows. We recommend you take pictures in the morning or at night on a bright surface such as near a large window.

Keep your profile colour in your mind when choosing subjects. All items must be in harmony. You have many options to create harmonious photos.

Tip: Don’t take the same shot repeatedly. It is not worth clicking the same thing multiple times if you don’t change the angle or position of the objects. You should learn how to quickly remove failed frames. You will likely forget what you did not like at the end of the shoot, so you will need to spend more time reviewing all the frames. There are some exceptions, such as when ice cream melts or candles go out. There is not enough time to clean up your gallery in these cases.

This article has provided you with a lot of inspiration. These ideas will help you get lots of attention from Instagram followers if you implement them into your Instagram photography strategy.

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