How to Get Started With Dubai Desert Safari?


Apart from the pleasant weather and stunning coastline, Dubai stands apart as a home to the spectacular framework and gorgeous stunning buildings. Dubai is a city where moments never fade. It is an ambitious city with vibrant culture. If you have quest for something adventurous, it is an ultimate recreational spot. Looking for fun and unforgettable things in Dubai to do, Dubai desert safari is the name that suits perfectly for it.

Desert Safari

Desert Safari is a host of abundant hilarious and thrilling activities. A premier entertainment destination where tourist’s pursuit for excitements ends. For a unique and perfect trip, the desert safari fulfills all the needs necessary to make the tour a rememberable. The most fundamental step to get started with a journey is Awareness of the voyage. We will discuss how to make the best out of a day spent in the vastness of the desert.

Your Right Choice of the Right Time in Desert Safari

As summer season is too hot, so months from November to March are recommended for the Desert Safari. In holiday season the desert is overcrowded with travellers. Off-season is prescribed to have an uncrowded desert for a catchy itinerary.

Types of Safaris with Affordable Packages

Morning Desert Safari (included pick & drop, sand boarding, Quad bike, and camel ride) Evening Desert Safari (pick & drop 4 WD wheels, quad bike, camel ride, sand boarding, and dinner)

Overnight Desert Safari (pick & drop, B.B.Q, night in camp with activities, fresh breakfast.

The companies’ first priority is to provide you the illustrious regarding your requirements.

Start Your Journey with Reputed Companies

Desert Adventure Group is ranked the top most company in offering the best safari experience. Your itinerary can only be a triumph, if you go with the certified and trust-worthy company. Online booking with budgeted packages makes it easier. But your choice of selection of the best tour operator is important.

The Package

The packages offered by the companies include pick & drop from your given point with trained licence approved instructors, red dune bashing, camel ride, sand boarding, photographic stop, 20 minutes squad bike ride, traditional Arabic culture, and overnight in camp with nightly-merriments.

Some Other Things Also Helpful To Get a Start with Desert Safari

  1. Keep yourself hydrated.
  2.  Carry light bags with vital accessories (sunblock, sunglasses, and sunscreen)
  3.  Avoid to keep precious things.
  4. A high-quality-sand-proof camera is must to keep.
  5. Avoid alcohol.
  6. Keep some extra cash if you want to exceed your tour.

Salient Physical Precautions Avoid over eating and over drinking. It might be hazardous in the way of your fun. Have a strict check on the vehicles. There must be seat belts, helmets, cage rollers, and all first-aid needs. Always listen to your guide. Driving fast can cause accidents.

Desert Safari with Kids & Women

Hilarious dune bashing up and down the gigantic sandy terrain might be dangerous for the kids under 5, orld people with heart and back problems, and expecting ladies. For them camel ride and stay at camp are the options.

Experiences on Desert Safari

Time is not the compulsion for the best Desert Safari. Whatever the time is, your fun is ceaseless. Dubai desert safari is rich with the beauty of sunrise and sunset both. But if you go with the Evening Desert Safari, package booked with Desert Adventure Group, you would have a highlight for your journal. Your long-lasting memory will force you to come again and again.

 Usually, the tour starts in the late afternoon. The agency provides pick & drop with the proficient driver in well-equipped 4WD wheels. Wending the vehicle through the sandy stretches and reaching the midst of the desert is wonder-struck.

Sand Bashing-Starts Hilariously

You have other drills also

Sand Boarding and Quad Bike Ride

These rebellious activities are enough to unleashed your hidden instinct as a free spirit. The experience of jumping up and down the soft granular land with fanatic madness is exceptional. Dune Buggies Ride both for adults and children is another exasperating thing-to-do. Then comes the

Camel Ride

Another famous activity responsible to make your trip a guaranteed entertainment. Riding on the camel with the panoramic view of the sunset, moving quietly towards the camp is placid. The whole scene is photogenic.

B.B.Q Dinner and Bone Fire Defence

 To have your own food cooked on the charcoal in the sandy landscape is awesome. But, here, your safety measurements must not be ignored. Be careful with fire as no flames fly around.

Night Spent In Camps

 In torchlight camps, overnight stay is fabulous. You will experience a wide range of activities. But ensure all your safety requirements in the camp like full-sleeved light warm clothes, mosquito repellent spray or lotion.

 If you want to experience desert safari Dubai and to perform these thrilling activities, all these above-mentioned things will help you to have a great start of your journey.

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