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How to Increase eCommerce Conversions with Video Marketing


Sound and fury are two of the elements that get the attention of any human. Unfortunately, today’s consumer’s attention span is lower than what it used to be. Therefore, every eCommerce business owner needs to put more work to catch the attention of their potential customers. A video landing page would definitely spike conversions. This will work even if you are selling Cox cable deals on your site.

Why Use Video Marketing?

Video marketing enables you to tell your product’s story in such a way that it relates to the customers and engages them. There are plenty of ways of doing that:

  • Give a demo of how to use your product
  • Explain the main features of your product
  • Share views of satisfied customers
  • Tell the story of your business
  • Compare your product to that of your competitor

About 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every. Social media videos generate 12 times more shares than images and texts combined. This gives a pretty clear view that people like watching videos. Moreover even platforms like TikTok have launched TikTok Creator Marketplace for business owners to hire TikTok influencers.

This also explains that videos generate much higher engagement than any other form of content. It drives a steady stream of traffic to your site as well as improves conversion rate. If you are struggling to drive sales or you would like your eCommerce business to grow, now is the right time to leverage video marketing.  

Tips to Leverage Video Marketing to Grow Your Business

Ready to tap into the power of video marketing? Find all the help you need here:

Establish Your Goals

Mapping out your video marketing goals is an absolute necessity. Here are some possible goals:

  • Build or improve brand awareness
  • Make your customers trust your brand
  • Improve social media engagement
  • Increase the conversion rate
  • Bring more traffic and increase sales

The good news is, whatever your goal, video marketing helps you achieve that effect.

Types of Business Videos

The real deal lies in what type of videos to create. Again, this depends on your marketing objectives. These are the types of videos you can create:

Brand Video

These videos are mostly directed toward building brand awareness or putting a brand in the spotlight. For instance, you may create BTS videos of your team in action.

Product Views

As the name implies, these videos are directed toward your products. The goal is to promote your products or show your product in action.

User-Generated Content Videos

These videos are best for engaging your audience and building trust at the same time. Here, the customer posts a video about your product and tags your social media handles. A mention from another customer is no doubt a valuable marketing tool. It not just builds credibility but gives brand analytics on what’s being shared the most.

Types of marketing videos are not limited to these. Many others exist as well. You have to choose those that align best with your goals.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Let’s look into the benefits of video marketing for an eCommerce business:

Get People’s Attention

People prefer watching videos to reading text. The Internet is full of content already. Posts with length captions and blogposts are boring and time-consuming. A quick and workable way of grabbing a visitor’s attention is to create a video with compelling content.

More Conversion

Videos build a sense of trust. If the content in the video is valuable, it will increase the chances of turning that prospect into customers.

Also, 70% of marketers believe that videos convert better than any other type of marketing material. If it’s explanatory videos, they increase the conversion rate by 20%. Since customers are unable to touch and examine the product, videos give them a realistic feeling.

Google Prefers Videos

Even search engine giant Google understands that suggesting videos to people on search results is more beneficial than any other type of answer. We all know Google owns YouTube. If it decides to put your video on the search results pages, you will get more traffic, views and of course, leads.

It Builds Credibility

Videos help in developing customer trust. Today’s knowledgeable customer doesn’t trust a brand easily. The saturation of eCommerce business is to blame. But with videos, you can introduce your target audience to your brand.

Give them an inside view of your company, your culture, the way you operate, as well as your vision. This would assure customers that you are authorized and genuine. When this sort of credibility is built, you are all set to drive sales.

Summing Up

Video marketing has tons of opportunities to make your eCommerce brand grow. Alongside other marketing strategies, incorporate video marketing, and watch your sales soar.

Don’t forget that videos will only drive visitors to your site. It’s in your hands to convert these prospects into customers. Learn from Cox Internet support. They are extremely efficient in retaining customers as well as attracting new ones with their responsive customer support team. You need something similar to convert leads.

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