PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) four assumptions about the game


I didn’t intend to expand my game collection until this year. Candy Crush is the only game I play on my phone. I have tried open-world games Sky: Children of the Light, Genshin Impact and Sky: Children of the Light, but they load up quickly.

BLACKPINK has announced that they will perform a virtual concert on PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) on July 23.

I was a low-key BLINK and decided that this was the right time to experience “winner chicken dinner finally.”

Before this, I had heard about the dangers of first-person shooter games online and in real life. I admit I was afraid and hesitant to sign up.

But I decided to let go of the fear and have fun. Here are four assumptions that I made about playing PUBG.

1. It is more supportive than toxic.

According to what I have seen, a few players would form a circle and stare at their phones for around 30 minutes. Then, they’d yell at each other.

However, after parachuting myself onto the battlefield, I discovered that the four-player team-based match was supportive and collaborative.

The game reminded me of The Hunger Games. However, PUBG is team-based, so it’s in your best interests to keep each other alive to ensure survival.

Although you can go off on your own to find supplies or take out enemies, it is best to stick close to your team. As a complete novice, I was unable to aim well, had slow reaction times, and was unfamiliar with the game’s mechanics.

What would I do if I couldn’t defend myself? I’ve found a strategy that has helped me survive laser tag in company TABARs: hide and let my team do the pawpaws.

My teammates quickly jumped in and attacked my enemy when I was being shot at. They even dropped bandages and medication to speed up my recovery.

There are a variety of compliments that you can use to praise your team after you have killed an enemy.

2. It is only addictive when it becomes addictive.

PUBG is a universal addiction that ties players together, regardless of whether they are 15-year-old boys or MNC professionals.

It’s fun, competitive, and easy to master. Every time the “winner chicken dinner” message appeared on my screen, I felt a dopamine surge that left me wanting more.

Psychology believes dopamine is what makes you feel pleasure and enjoyment, which can motivate you to pursue certain behaviors, such as food or drugs or winning a game.

Dopamine is said to cause you to desire, desire, seek for, and search for the next game.

Not to brag, but thanks to reliable teammates I was randomly put with and my follow-behind-and-hide strategy, my teams have won 5/6 classic games in a row. We won’t discuss my personal kill scores and ratings.

Although this is a rumor, it is worth noting that some people have suggested that PUBG Mobile has bots who are terrible shooters, which makes it easier for new players and encourages them to play more. Maybe that’s why I kept winning.

Regardless, even though I didn’t fall into the dopamine loop or become addicted to PUBGM (or anything like that), I can sympathize with those who do.

This brings me to my next point.


3. This is not a time-waster but a great way to spend your time.

The classic mode takes between 30-40 minutes to complete one round.

Every time I felt the dopamine rush of winning, I would enter another game, and one hour of my time was gone.

It hasn’t been a problem as I just loaded up PUBGM to pass the time. However, neglecting responsibilities can make it an issue. This is only true in extreme cases, which I don’t believe applies to the majority.

One of the reasons I stopped playing too many classic games was because my phone’s battery would quickly drain. It went from 80% to 40% in one game. It could become uncontactable if I didn’t have a power bank or charger on me. This is scary when you have responsibilities.

Surprisingly, there is no way to “pause” in these battle royale games. You can close the app if you want to exit. However, I was told this was a stupid move.

This meant I needed to ensure I had enough time to go to battle if I wanted to avoid being taken out in plain view.

4. Instead of feeling anxious, I felt like having fun.

I did not think I would like PUBGM for all of the reasons I have listed. Boy, am I glad that I was proven wrong.

Throughout the week, I played the game solo and was paired up with strangers (or supposed bots) who were also online.

Later, I found out that my friend played it through the MCO. She claimed she was pretty skilled at it but then took a break.

She re-downloaded the file and adopted me as a clan member. We also played a game together with two strangers.

Gaming with friends was like watching a movie together. I could talk, laugh, and share the experience with others.

This was my favorite way to play, and may be why I continue to play the game for more extended periods (aside from the many maps and modes).

Although it may sound cliché, I have seen firsthand the value of co-op gaming through the friendships made along the way.

I will continue to play PUBG. Although it is unlikely that I will continue to play PUBG consistently, if someone wants to adopt (and keep) a noob, then let me know.

Oh, and I will also be watching the virtual BLACKPINK concert. I will be sharing my experience in an article.

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