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Is Japan accessible to visitors? We’ve got all the info about guided group tours and the latest travel restrictions.

Despite the strict frontier restriction, Japan remains the most visited tourist destination worldwide. Even though the country has restored its borders to tourists who are on guided tours, it’s not accessible to independent travellers.

If you’re wondering when it’s possible to travel to Japan at your own pace, We’re here to help answer your concerns. Here are the most current details you should know regarding who can come into Japan, what restrictions are in place at the border, and the rules you must adhere to if you decide to travel to Japan by guided tour. This article will be updated as more details become available.

Who is eligible to travel to Japan?

Since July 1st, Japan has raised its daily entry limit to 30,000 visitors. You can enter Japan if you are foreign-born and have the correct resident visa, business traveller or foreign student traveller on a tour package.

What is the minimum requirement for entry into Japan?

Regardless of their vaccination status or the place of departure, every traveller must produce a negative test result for Covid-19 at least 72 hours before departing. Entry rules vary based on the region or country you’re visiting from. Japan has divided its regions and countries into red, blue, and yellow (more on this in the future). Based on the category you’ve chosen, you might be asked for the following documents on your arrival:

  • Make a written pledge (only for those that are required to be quarantined)
  • Complete a questionnaire that is administered by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (you could complete this before the deadline via Fast Track)
  • Submit a Covid-19 vaccination document. (You do not need to be vaccinated to enter Japan; however, those from yellow and red countries or regions may cut down on quarantine times by submitting the certificate in advance. It is also possible to send this information through Fast Track)
  • Install the MySOS Health Monitoring app to your smartphone
  • Conduct a PCR test on arrival (travellers who are in blue categories and vaccine-vaccinated travellers who are in yellow categories are not required to do this)

It is possible to speed up specific processes at the airport using Fast Track – see our guide.

Do I need to be quarantined on arrival in Japan?

As mentioned, travellers are divided into three groups (red, blue, yellow, and red) according to the region or country they travel from. These categories also determine the quarantine rules you must follow when entering Japan.

Red: Travelers must undergo the test on arrival and be quarantined for 3 days in a government-approved facility, regardless of the vaccination status.

Yellow: travellers who do not have valid vaccination certificates must be tested on arrival for Covid-19 and be quarantined for 3 days at a specially-designed government facility. Anyone with valid vaccination certificates is not required to undergo testing on arrival and quarantine.

Blue: No test at arrival and no quarantine – regardless of vaccination status.

For more details about which countries and regions fall into the respective categories, 

What is the minimum requirement to bring when I visit Japan on a group tour?

Currently, Japan is only open to foreign visitors on organized tours. The government also requires travellers on these tours to wear masks on their faces and purchase insurance to pay for the possibility of medical costs incurred by Covid-19. The safety precautions will be disclosed to participants in the tour when they purchase their packages. Anyone who does not follow the rules could not be permitted to participate in the tours.

When is it safe for independent travellers to visit Japan?

There’s no confirmation about when Japan is expected to open its doors to independent travellers. But, Japan is slowly opening its borders, and we’re hopeful that the border will be fully opened shortly. We’ll keep you informed when more details are released by authorities.

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