Ten places in the world that everyone should visit


There are many unexplored areas on our planet that we want to explore. We know that even the most experienced traveler can’t see everything, so we created a list to help you choose the best places in the world. you should visit.

These wonderful places can be read about, and you can also see the costs for tours. You can also find out which hotel is best for you.

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Here are the top 10 most fascinating places in the world.

Turkey. Troy

Holidays in Turkey are a favorite of all. Excellent service, a variety of hotels, and chic excursions draw us in. The ancient city of Troy is one of Turkey’s most notable places. It is located in Canakkale, on the Aegean sea. If you happen to be in Bodrum or Izmir suddenly, make sure you visit this historic Mecca.

Vietnam. Shandong Cave

People who love Southeast Asia are attracted to holidays in Vietnam. You will find beautiful beaches and warm water here, along with the largest cave in the world, Son Doong. It is located in Quang Binh’s Phong Nha Kebang National Park. The cave’s height is approximately 200m, and its width is approximately 150. This underground kingdom is home to unique stalagmites and stalactites. You can also touch rocks that are approximately 38.5 million years old.

Mexico. Teotihuacan

The mysterious history of the ancient city Teotihuacan is a striking feature of Mexico City’s 50-km radius. It was once one of the largest cities in Mesoamerica. However, it developed alongside the ancient Roman civilization and was able to last longer. Everything is subject to logic. The streets are at right angles, and the square is in the middle. There are also several pyramids. The most well-known is the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. Scientists are still trying to solve the mystery surrounding the city’s death. The city was abandoned almost at its peak, and no evidence has been found during archaeological analysis that would support the claim of an attack.

Thailand. Bangkok Royal Residence

The attitude of Thailand towards the royal family is unique. They are revered and sacredly loved. The Royal Palace, located in the capital, symbolizes this love and pride. You can also visit many temples and listen to the service. Also, learn about the history of the ruling family.

Greece. Monasteries in Meteora

This miracle is worth seeing if you’re visiting mainland Greece. The houses-monasteries perched high on the rocks of Thessaly’s mountains are breathtaking. Ascetic monks have been visiting these areas since ancient times. Later monasteries were also established in this area. To learn more about the lives and customs of local people, you can now visit four male and two female monasteries.

The Czech Republic. The Charles Bridge

Nearly every house in the Czech Republic is unique. Here you can spend hours walking through the heart of Prague and enjoying the old Europe atmosphere: clocks, castles, and old pavement. The Charles Bridge is the city’s symbol. It crosses the Vltava River, connects the Mala Strana, and Stares Mesto, and is a bridge that spans the river. The 16 arches supporting the bridge are adorned with many sculptures. After you have walked along the bridge, you can enjoy fresh beer and delicious sausages made right in front of you.

Egypt. Pyramids of Giza

Even schoolchildren know that the Giza pyramids in Egypt, located on the Giza plateau, are the Wonder of the World. When I take tours to Hurghada and Sharm Al-Sheikh, I always think of these pyramids, as well as their silent guard Sphinx, whenever I go. Everyone should be able to see the pyramids with their own eyes to honor the civilization that made them and to attempt to unravel the mystery behind their construction.

Brazil. Statue of Christ, the Redeemer

Rio de Janeiro is a great place to visit yearly, as the beaches are always warm. You can also choose when you want to visit the carnival and enjoy the city’s best views from the observation platform at the base of the Christ the Redeemer statue. The massive figure of the Savior rises 38m high into the sky. Its arm span is 28m. A small railway can take you to the top of the mountain where the statue was installed.

India. Golden Triangle

India is one of the most mysterious and exotic countries in the world. There are many interesting places to see, but you won’t be able to visit them all in one trip. You can still see most of the country’s main attractions by taking a tour through the “golden triangle.” You will find three beautiful cities waiting for you: Delhi (Agra) and Jaipur (each has something unique and beautiful for you). You’ll be able to see the Gate of India and feel like a member of the Royal Family near the Palace of the Winds.

China. China’s Great wall

China has a rich, centuries-old culture and deserves our attention. The Great Wall of China is a New Wonder of the World. It was built by several ruler dynasties to defend their borders against foreign invaders. Although the wall measures 21km in length, most of it has been destroyed, and its thickness reaches 9 meters at different locations. You can get a lasting souvenir by stealing stones from it.

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