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AMD Radeon Super Resolution Technology


AMD’s flagship image scaling technology, FidelityFX Super Resolution – AMD’s flagship product – was released just months ago. It competed with NVIDIA’s DLSS and Intel’s XeSS solutions. It was actually not as efficient as people thought. This was due to fundamental differences between the two rivals. FSR was simply not competitive with super-sampling giants. FSR was not dead, but it has been supported by many games. FSR continues to provide new life to low-budget titles.

AMD is looking to launch a new scaling technology-based on FSR’s backbone. Reported that Radeon Super Resolution is AMD’s answer to NVIDIA image scaling (NIS). It aims to make FSR more accessible. RSR, unlike FidelityFXSuper Resolution, will work with almost all games without the need to be implemented by developers.

Radeon Super Resolution

RSR is based upon the FSR1.0 algorithm but doesn’t need to be placed somewhere in the graphics pipeline. FSR, like DLSS, is a proprietary scaling technology that developers must implement at the game engine level. In other words, you need to place it in your graphics pipeline. It takes time and effort to make this work, so developers must do their best. This is why the new RSR technology was created.

Radeon super resolution works with the Radeon software driver. All you need to do is change it to the Control panel. After the image is played, it will act as a filter that filters the game. This allows it to be compatible with nearly every game. RSR is only compatible with Exclusive Fullscreen games. You don’t need to worry, as most modern games and older titles support it.

RSR should work on RDNA1 and RDNA2 graphics cards based on AMD. This includes the RX5000 and older. RSR is not supported by older GPUs and NVIDIA cards. You can improve your FPS by rendering at a lower resolution than the final result. Videocardz pointed out that no information is available to confirm that the technology works on older titles with full borderless screen modes.

AMD will unveil Radeon Super Resolution at CES 2022, where they plan to announce many more products, including new mobile processors. The RX6500XT and RX6400 will be introduced by the company. These will become the entry points for RDNA2 cards and offer many budget-friendly current generation options. It will be fascinating to see how RSR uses these new books to bring out the best performance.

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