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Free Home Improvements That Save Money And Heating Bill


In this article. I will tell you 7 free home improvements that save you money and your heating bill. Energy prices are rising, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems account for as much as 20% of global energy consumption. Even minor adjustments to your heating or cooling system can make a difference. Reduce energy costs. IMI Hydronic is an indoor climate expert and would like to share some tips on saving energy and improving indoor comfort.

Tip 1: Balance your thermostats

You should ensure that the indoor thermostats and radiator heads are set precisely. Inefficiencies in performance and increased costs can occur if one thermostat is set at 5 while the other is set at 3.

Tip 2: Slowly change the temperature

It is tempting to turn the thermostat up if you feel cold. However, this will only make the heating system consume more energy. The heating system takes time to adjust. You may feel comfortable within 30 minutes, but it will become too hot by the next day. We recommend adjusting the temperature gradually to reach your desired comfort level.

Tip 3: Open the windows carefully

It can be costly and counterproductive to open a window. You can also overload your HVAC system by opening a window to let in fresh air or reduce the temperature. Radiators are often placed below windows. The thermostat inside the radiator heads will detect a drop in temperature and attempt to return it to its optimal level. You don’t need to get too much fresh air. But heat loss can have severe consequences for your HVAC system.

Tip 4: Turn off the radiators

To identify radiators that have been damaged by toys or clothes, take a walk through your house. These obstructions can significantly impact heat dissipation, even though they might seem small. They can cause discomfort and inefficiency, even in different rooms.

Tip 5 – Replace the thermostat head

Although this tip is not a free upgrade, it is worth the investment.

Did you know that replacing thermostat heads with modern models can result in energy savings of up 7 percent?

Every IMI Heimeier product is made with German technology, renowned worldwide. It guarantees durability and performance for a long time. IMI products are functionally and reliably guaranteed by our strict quality control procedures, including strength and tightness tests.

The thermostat head K from IMI Heim has energy-saving clamps that are incredibly efficient and convenient.

  • The blue power-saving clip restricts the lower temperature setting (e.g., night setting).
  • The red energy-saving clamp restricts the temperature range and prevents accidental high temperatures.

This is especially useful when ventilating rooms. The thermostat head can be adjusted to 0 by pulling back the blue clip.

Tip 6: Insulated Windows Save Heat

Getting caught up in creating heat rather than conserving what we have is easy. Windows are the largest source of heat loss within a building. You can increase heat retention and comfort by adding a towel, for instance, to the edges of less-insulated windows.

Tip 7: Adjust your ambiance

When it comes to comfort, don’t underestimate the power and influence of your mind. You can create a warm ambiance by placing a candle on a chair, a pillow on the couch, or a fluffy rug underneath your feet. This will give the illusion of warmth.

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