Best iPhone Apps to Get You Through Your Workday


These iOS apps will aid you in being more efficient, organized, and overall great every day of your work.

  • The best iPhone apps for entrepreneurs are calendar tools, checklists of tasks and time management apps.
  • You can also utilize iOS apps to look up information on demand and save articles to read later.
  • The benefits of these apps during the day include simple recording and notetaking, accounting on the go, and the ability to manage projects remotely.
  • This article is intended for professionals and entrepreneurs who use mobile apps to simplify everyday routines.

An owner of a business is always looking for ways to simplify your operations and gain more time in your daily routine. There are iPhone apps that can aid you in achieving that with everything from task management as well as mobile-based accounting. The iPhone and the iPad have indeed transformed into multi-purpose Swiss Army knives of technology to help you navigate your busy working day and beyond. However, the vast collection of apps – about 2.2 million and growing can leave you confused about which apps are suitable for you.

Here’s our selection of the top iOS apps that can assist you in having an easier and more efficient working day. These apps may not be at the top of the line within their respective categories, but one of the top. In fact, in certain areas, we’ve previously given a few suggestions. If this is an instance, you’ll be able to see the links to our reviews.

Calendar: Fantastical (free)

Fantastical is a user-friendly and easy-to-use alternative to the standard iPhone calendar app. It can strike a balance between features and user-friendliness and assist you in more efficient time management. You can also include natural-sounding events such as “Meet Ted for lunch at 2 p.m. on Tuesday.” You’ll also be alerted of events approaching. The app also provides a helpful task list in conjunction with your calendar.

Task manager Things 3. ($9.99)

The Things app is a simple workflow that lets you gather your thoughts, stay organized to manage your time and personalize your workflow. The Share extension of the app enables you to create to-do lists with other apps or Siri for any mobile device and import them into Reminders. You can do an entire project and incorporate steps into it or arrange it by grouping similar tasks together and then using tags to filter your jobs in granular ways.

You can also see calendar events using one or recurring tasks to manage your time efficiently. It is integrated with Apple Watch, Calendar, Siri Reminders, Notifications, and Reminders.

Scanning App: CamScanner (free, with the premium version)

Sometimes, you’ll need to convert an item of paper to an electronic format that you aren’t able to access through the multifunction printer or scanning software. CamScanner comes to the rescue wherever you are by making the iPhone camera into a scanner. Its handy optical character recognition (OCR) tool quickly converts papers into JPEGs and PDFs.

Save your CamScanner documents in the cloud or send them via email or text. It offers scan-quality enhancement and smart cropping to make your receipts, contracts, office whiteboards, and other files appear professional. CamScanner is entirely free, but it is ad-supported and comes with watermarks. Premium subscriptions remove watermarks and ads and provide the ability to make 1,000 OCR changes per month. It also includes setting the limit on how many folders you can create.

To-do lists To-do list: Todoist (free with premium version)

Todoist assists you in completing tasks by adding more functions to the standard to-do list. Apart from making essential checklists, it is possible to establish deadlines and rank your tasks according to priority so that you know the next job to complete. Two versions cost money on the platform, notably The Business plan, which lets you work more closely with your team.

These plans are paid for and grant you more collaborators for each project. The Business plan also includes an inbox shared by all. The premium versions offer reminders which aren’t available to free users. Todoist can use for various integrations with other apps such as Slack, Gmail and Google Calendar.

Software for managing projects: Trello (free, with the premium version)

Trello is the ultimate online bulletin board that lets users manage their projects and visualize their objectives and work quickly. It is an excellent tool for possibilities of flexibility and additional options for organizing, viewing and sharing your work. With Trello, it is possible to create to-do lists and notes, keep track of your messages, write down ideas, record images, and share information with your team members, whether in the office or en route to a business event.

Trello’s custom-designed board list and cards help you get started when you drag the decks across to record the progress of your project. You can further organize your tasks by adding labels, checklists, and due dates. Use your Power-Ups feature to create an overview of the calendar, or include locations on cards to create maps. Read our comprehensive Trello review to know more about the quality.

Productivity App: OmniFocus 3 (free, with the premium version)

OmniFocus 3 is a complete productivity application that lets you record tasks and groups them into projects. You can personalize the tasks or projects you work on by including collaborators and priority levels. OmniFocus has a simple-to-use interface that allows you to look over your schedule of charges. Mobile and desktop notifications will keep you on track, and you can also share these via the help of your Apple Watch. The app will direct you to the most effective task to take on following the information in your app.

Data on demand: Wolfram Alpha ($2.99)

Wolfram Alpha is not only an extensive live encyclopedia, but it also offers an impressive computing engine which will help users with any science or math issue. It provides instant answers to complicated math problems and is one of the most effective calculators on the market and far more efficient than standard telephone calculators. It offers a range of functions to cover various topics, including currency conversions and nutrition information.

Software for managing documents Dropbox (free and premium versions available)

Dropbox is now an almost universal app for cloud-based storage, collaboration, and document management for professionals. It is not necessary to be concerned about over-sharing big files or folders since the app can store all kinds of documents, files, images and other data, allowing users to connect between devices and view your files from any location. The linked files are accessible even for those who do not have an account with a Dropbox account. Other helpful features include document scanners, shared folders, and offline access.

PDF reader PDFelement (free with the premium version)

PDFelement is a mighty PDF editor and reader with all the essential tools to manage PDF files from your smartphone. The application comes with various features, including editing and recognizing fonts, which allows you to alter text size, style and colour. The annotation feature lets you write notes in text boxes or by drawing freehand. The camera feature lets you take a photograph of your document and instantly transform it into a custom PDF. It can also convert PDFs into TXT, HTML and dozens of other formats. It is compatible with Dropbox, Google Docs and other platforms for collaboration and editing.

Time management Hours (free with an upgrade version)

Everyone who has to keep track of their hours across myriad tasks knows how stressful this can become. The most frustrating part is not remembering the date you began or finished an assignment when you require that information to bill the proper amount. Hours allow you to track time per project or task and start or stop timers whenever you want. The app provides an interactive timeline that lets you can see the whole image of the time you are allocated and lets you make corrections to errors. The team feature allows groups to keep track of time, report and analyze together.

You can reread it or reread it: Pocket (free and the premium version)

If you come across something you’d like to read or watch but don’t have enough time to read or watch it in a hurry, You can save it to view later by using Pocket. The app can sync content across devices, phones, and computers, so you can utilize it offline to read even when Wi-Fi isn’t accessible. It offers unlimited storage space and lets you label items for later searches. The suggested tags can aid in organizing and finding the exact information you’re looking to find. You can also listen to the articles saved in Pocket by pressing the Headphones icon.

Software for accounting: FreshBooks Cloud Accounting ($4.50 per month)

Small business owners, self-employed owners, and independent contractors understand how difficult it is to manage the invoicing and billing chores. FreshBooks Cloud Accounting can remove some of the stress from this daunting job. The application lets you make professional expert invoices, take online payments, monitor the hours you work and billable, Keep computerized records of prices and keep track of expenses using your smartphone. FreshBooks is cloud-based, which will securely transfer your data across all operating systems and gadgets. The application can be downloaded for free for up to 30 days, after which you’ll be required to sign up for a paid subscription. It begins at $4.50 monthly.

Recording application Simply Press Record ($4.99)

Just Press Record is a vital application for business owners looking to record meetings and create recordings of conversations during their day. It has several marquee options, including the ability to convert audio into searchable, editable text and then sync it to Apple Watch and iCloud. It can use 30 languages, which means it’s ideal for meetings in international settings with foreign counterparts.

Notetaking application Paper (free and with premium version)

Sometimes, the most brilliant ideas pop into our heads while working on another project But recording and tracking the thoughts that come to mind isn’t easy. Paper is the solution for iPhone people who like writing their notes on paper. You can draw diagrams, charts, and sketches using a variety of styluses. The latest versions, which WeTransfer owns, offer improvements to the full-screen canvas view.

Paper allows you to add and edit multiple images on the same document and incorporate photos into projects. The blend will enable users to blur and blend the lines of ink in their drawings to blur edges and effortlessly blend colours without an associated stylus. It is a significant improvement over the apps built on your phone – and is true of all the innovative apps on this list.

Mobile apps are becoming more popular for work.

Are you not an iPhone user? You’re fortunate. Check out our suggestions for Android apps that you could use for efficiently planning your workday. Many of them offer the same advantages as the iOS apps listed above. Sure, such as Trello, provide official Android versions so that non-iPhone users aren’t left out.

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