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Bags And Dark Circles Under The Eyes


Women always seek to disguise this cosmetic defect since it gives the face an unhealthy and lean look. Dark circles under the eyes are traditionally associated with sleepless nights and fatigue. However, this is not the only reason for their occurrence. bags and dark circles under the eyes may result from an unhealthy lifestyle, a manifestation of diseases, and some anatomical features obtained at birth.

The main reason for overhanging eyelids and bags under the eyes is the structural features of the membrane located between the skin and subcutaneous tissue in the periorbital region (the area surrounding the eyes). So, the membrane, consisting of connective tissue, can be skinny, in addition, over time, under the influence of adverse factors such as stress, poor nutrition, circulatory disorders, trauma, and photoaging of the skin. The membrane can become thinner. So much so that small holes are formed through which fatty tissue comes out in the membrane. Thus, a kind of hernia is created, which outwardly manifests itself as bags or an overhanging eyelid.

Bags under the eyes can appear at any age. It depends on the degree of thinning of the membrane and the action of harmful factors. Oedema that occurs due to stagnation of the lymphatic fluid further enhances the effect.

Methods for eliminating dark circles under the eyes largely depend on the cause of their appearance.

Eye care

Maintenance is done daily. It is crucial to choose unscented cleansers for removing make-up. Do not rub your eyes excessively. If redness of the skin or lacrimation appears during the first use of the cosmetic product, it should be discarded. Every evening, a moisturizer or eye care product should apply to cleansed skin. In the morning, wash with cool water.

Conservative methods of struggle

Dark circles under the eyes can be made with decorative cosmetics. As a rule, tonal means, proofreaders and concealers are used for this purpose. The obvious drawback of this method is the inability to correct the situation with overhanging eyelids and “bags” under the eyes.


To prevent, reduce or contain the process. It is necessary to use unique eye care products. They usually contain collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, oils and biologically active substances. Oils make the skin soft and protect it from drying out after exposure to washing cosmetics. As a rule, special oils are used in skin care products around the eyes, which do not irritate the conjunctiva when in contact with the look. Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid do not penetrate the skin but at the same time create a thin film on the surface that prevents fat loss.

Home ways to fight

At home, you can carry out the following cosmetic procedures:

  • Apply ice cubes to the infraorbital region. It stimulates blood circulation and reduces skin swelling, reducing puffiness and drooping eyelids. Ice cubes are Made from sage or calendula infusion. To this, one tablespoon of grass should be poured with half a glass of boiling water, after which it should be kept for 2-3 hours in a sealed container. After straining, pour the infusion into two identical containers. Warm-up one of them. With a cotton sponge soaked in the information, alternately make compresses with a warm and cold solution. The cycle must repeat 5-6 times.
  • Parsley masks. Finely chop fresh parsley leaves and apply to the skin of the periorbital area. Press the leaves with a damp piece of sponge.
  • Potatoes are used to reduce swelling. Cut a potato cooked in its uniform in half and apply it to closed eyes for 30-40 minutes. 

Professional cosmetology

Today, hardware cosmetology methods are offered for bags and puffiness in the eye area. These include lymphatic drainage and electrical stimulation. It will be pretty practical to carry out bio revitalization and a course of mesotherapy with drugs that act on venous and lymphatic vessels and enhance the synthesis of elastic fibers.

Cosmetologists also offer to correct such aesthetic defects as circles under the eyes with the help of fillers. For the area under the eyes, a preparation with a lower density is used than, for example, for lip correction.

Among the procedures cosmetologists offer in the fight against dark circles are laser and phototherapy. The device starts the processes of skin renewal, as a result of which its smoothness, density and elasticity are achieved. This method will help to remove circles under the eyes caused by hyperpigmentation. Still, it will not be effective if the bruises are caused by the facial anatomical structure or the subcutaneous fat’s thinning.

Lipofilling of the lower eyelid also helps fight dark circles under the eyes. Lipofilling is a procedure for introducing the patient’s fat into selected areas. A hollow often forms around the eyes, and the vessels are too close to the surface of the skin, which causes a bruise. The method allows you to create volume where the nasolacrimal groove lies, smoothing out the unevenness.

Surgical methods

One of the radical solutions to the problem with bags is blepharoplasty. The main indications of this operation are hanging eyelids and bags and dark circles under the eyes. These conditions occur together and separately, so blepharoplasty can be performed on the lower and upper eyelids. Like any operation, blepharoplasty has complications.

One of the complications is dry eye syndrome when there is a decrease in tear secretion. Tearing is also possible. Tears flow heavily from the eyes during the first days after the operation.

Another complication is a hematoma. The most unfavorable type of hematoma is retrobulbar. It is a collection of blood behind the eye. This complication is rare but can lead to vision loss. Also among the complications is ptosis or drooping of the eyelid. They occur due to damage to the muscle that lifts the upper eyelid. Another complication is lagophthalmos. It is the inability to close the eye entirely. It can also be observed generally after surgery, but the duration of such a complication suggests an excessive skin removal.

One of the most effective ways to preserve youth, experts call good sleep, walks in the fresh air, the absence of bad habits and proper nutrition. Also, patients with dark circles under their eyes are advised to refuse alcohol, smoking and caffeine.

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