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Low-Cost Business Ideas To Start In 2022


In this article, learn Low-cost business ideas to start in 2022. When you think about starting a business, the first thing that comes to mind is the budget: how much will it cost you to start, and how long will it take until you get your investment back and start making a profit?

Until a few years ago, such an approach was costly. Nowadays, however, when most businesses are online, the costs have significantly dropped. In eCommerce, for example, you need the funds to open a company, create an online store, and be a good idea.

We can help you with two of these three basic things: opening an online store on the MerchantPro platform and some business ideas that you can start with a small budget. All you have to do is submit the documents for setting up the company.

Start a dropshipping business.

Dropshipping is one of the most successful eCommerce business models. The principle is simple: you need a partner to produce and deliver products. You create the site and take care of its promotion, and when an order is placed, it is immediately sent to your partner, who takes care of its processing and delivery.

Your earnings consist of the commercial surcharge applied to the products. More importantly, you don’t have to stock up or have storage space, so your investment is minimal. All you need is a reliable partner and easy-to-sell products.

Start selling innovative home products and accessories.

Whether you do it in a dropshipping regime or as a direct seller, smart home and home automation products are more and more sought after in Romania as well. Therefore, a business in this field can become profitable in a short time.

In addition to the products, you can also offer maintenance, service, and installation services to increase your turnover quickly.

Sell T-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, and more with your graphics.

Do you have successful ideas that can print on t-shirts, or can you create unique graphic elements? Then you can sell T-shirts and many other products with your graphics directly in your online store or multi-brand stores in Romania and abroad. The concept is called “print-on-demand” and is an attractive way to round out your income with zero investment.

Sell digital products

You can sell any digital product, from art to ebooks, audiobooks, music, games, and software. To implement this idea, you need a website and a solid social media presence to find your first customers easily.

Create a niche marketplace

If you have experience in eCommerce but do not want to manage stocks, you can open a business that promotes the products of others: a marketplace.

We recommend that you create a niche marketplace that will, of course, attract fewer buyers than a generalist one, but with the difference that they will be loyal. You can rely, for example, on digital art (and invite more local artists to sell their work in your marketplace), local products, services, and so on.

Sell courses online

The easiest way to run an eCommerce business (from a management standpoint) is to sell services, not products. If you have experience in a particular field, you can share it with others, for a fee, through online courses. Over time, this business idea can become an excellent source of passive income. You will register for the courses only once, but you can sell them to new clients for at least one year.

Join an affiliate marketing program

Do you already have a community on social media or your blog? You can join an affiliate marketing program in which you can choose a series of products to promote. Your profit is represented by the commissions resulting from each sale.

Of course, the gains will not be very high in the beginning. But, if you choose your products carefully, you can turn this activity into a business worth the effort.

Sell natural products

Interest in natural products is growing year by year all over the world. We are not talking here only about food, but about absolutely everything, from detergents and cosmetics to clothing and furniture.

The more natural or organic products you sell, the more successful your business will be. If you can create or purchase such products, launch the business as soon as possible, as long as the market is not overcrowded.

Sell wellness services/products.

At the onset of the pandemic, subscriptions for online fitness classes exploded. Even if we don’t stay at home for so long, we are already used to online services and platforms. And as everyone is more attentive to health during this period, wellness services are highly sought.

You can sell meditation services/applications online, training clothes and accessories, yoga classes, and so on. You will find customers who need them!

Open a vintage store.

Whether we are talking about clothes or furniture, vintage products are increasingly sought after. In addition to the attractive price, they are appreciated by customers who want to be more responsible with the resources they consume, so they choose to offer a new life to products that others no longer want.

You can open a store with generic products or focus on the luxury segment, and customers are looking for top products at affordable prices.

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