Online Business Ideas For 2022


Do you have an entrepreneurial streak and are looking to establish an enterprise? Perhaps you’d like to make extra money in your spare time between work and home? These online business ideas for 2022 that are profitable in times of economic crisis.


Do you want to start a business with a minimum investment? Then dropshipping remains one of the most profitable ideas. Here’s why:

  1. does not require a large budget
  2. no storage space is required
  3. an internet-connected laptop is enough to handle the whole process
  4. there is no need for many employees
  5. delivery to the customer is made directly by the supplier
  6. you can do dropshipping regardless of the form of legal organization: PFA or SRL.


One of the profitable ideas for this year is online commerce, regardless of the products sold. For example, an online store with personalized products might be the right business for you if you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors and have a more significant investment budget.


Are you specialized in a particular field but no longer want to be an employee? You can earn money by providing helpful information to others. Here’s how to use your knowledge, skills, and professional experience to start a business:

  1. online consulting
  2. courses and webinars
  3. e-books
  5. coaching.

Handmade / handcrafted

The year 2022 is a year in which passion can turn into an online business. If you like making handicrafts or other handmade products, you can create a website to present the products and sell them. You can also expand your business by selling products on platforms such as Emag Marketplace.

Digital event and conference organization services

The last two years have shown that business events, conferences and courses can be successfully held online or even in the hybrid version. Moreover, moving online has opened up more people, regardless of location. 

Thus was born a new business idea with potential: event organization services and digital conferences. 

Digitization services

The need for digitization is growing, and more and more companies are looking for online promotion strategies to expand their audience.

Here is a complete, 100% online business idea to develop this year: digitization services agency. What you can offer your customers:

  1. site creation
  2. online promotion
  3. social media marketing
  4. online content creation
  5. graphic design 
  6. SEO consulting etc.

Video editing services

Do you own Final Cut, Avid or Adobe Premiere and want extra income outside your job? It’s worth trying to get started in an online video editing business.

In 2022 making money from what you love can be a dream come true with any of the seven online business ideas. However, don’t forget, to have a successful business, you must have the courage and dedicate yourself 100%! Take the first step toward entrepreneurship with StartCo.

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