Best Small Business Ideas For 2022


1. Virtual Assistant

In this article, Top one Best small Business ideas for 2022 Virtual assistants provide an array of online services like support for administrative tasks, customer service in arranging and communicating through email or scheduling appointments, Facebook advertisements, social networking programming, and accounting, among other tasks needed. You can find jobs for virtual assistants on international websites such as People per Hour or Upwork or create your webmaster. We advise you to start by putting ads up on freelancer websites like the ones above.

2. Write a Blog

Recent studies show that blogging can be a reliable way to earn money. It doesn’t require the initial capital investment! If you decide to do it, you can begin the following day. The articles on film, travel life, business cooking, and recipes can be a couple of examples of the topics that will generate substantial revenue. What do you need to know to start with a blog? It’s much easier than you imagine. There is no need to purchase a domain or web hosting. You can begin writing through the platform at no cost. What can you earn through this? With Google Adsense, for example – Google places advertisements on your blog and pays you based on the number of people who click.

3. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate programs allow you to make money by directing potential customers to their respective websites. All you have to do is sign up for these programs and then share the links on your blog, social media channels (such as Facebook), or on your website if you have one.

4. Open a YouTube channel

Video posting is becoming increasingly popular: from Instagram to Snapchat stories and Facebook Live Video. A vlog can bring you profit from product sales or promoting a particular website.

5. Freelancer

Freelance services can include web design, SEO optimization, text translation, editing, and more.

6. Author of e-Books

You can write about whatever you’re passionate about and then sell it online. Specific platforms allow you to publish a free e-book through their platform, and the next step is to charge a sales fee, and you don’t require an investment at the beginning.


For those who know at least one foreign language, there is the option of working from home. You can start without money by placing ads. A welcome business idea in times of crisis.

8. Online store

A business idea on an upward curve (due to increasing demand) is in the area of ​​online commerce.

9. Coaching & Consulting

A business efficiently managed remotely and requires professional training in a niche needed for the market, but also of interest to you. The promotion campaigns are carried out online, and the target group can easily reach them. You can focus on business, relationships, personal development, sports, management, etc.

10. Online meditations

A business idea that can be of interest to everyone, important to identify the field of activity (mathematics, foreign languages, physics, etc.). Many platforms bring together specialists who offer meditations in various areas, so it helps you reach people interested in online reflections. The program is set according to your availability so that you can combine this business with a full-time job.

11. Web Design

A business that requires knowledge but is very profitable has a strong demand in the market for such products.

12. Personal nutritionist

If you know the field, you can advise people interested in a healthy lifestyle. Advice on how to eat healthily, lose weight or keep your body in good condition.

13. Business on Etsy

A business that does not require many material resources to start, being a large market, you can resell some products or even create handmade products from scratch and sell them on Etsy.

14. Selling photos online

Even if you’re no professional photographer, you can earn money from your photos and sell them on the internet. You can open an account with GettyImages and Flickr or set up an individual website you will be able to sell these images.

15. Sell on eBay or Amazon

No experience is required for this role, but you must be a “problem solver” if you do not have experience in sales. Amazon offers informational materials on how to succeed in this field. Still, you can also find various articles/blogs of experienced sellers on the internet with which you can get acquainted with the area.

16. Social Media Consultant

Twitter, Facebook, and Google offer free certified courses for social media consultants. So training for such a career is free, and the field has high growth potential.

17. Hotel of Dogs and Cats

If you like pets and already have a space for such a business, you can open a hotel for dogs and cats. One night’s accommodation is around 100 lei, so consider what income you can have with minimal effort if you take care of only four animals/day.

18. Ice cream/popcorn/cotton stand on the stick 

Who doesn’t love ice cream, popcorn, or cotton wool? Event organisers are always looking for diversity and are recruiting collaborators who manage ice cream/cotton or popcorn stands. All you have to do to implement this business idea is build your booth – it can be made from recyclable materials, such as pallets, or barrels, to avoid a high cost.

19. Drop shipping

First of all, what is dropshipping? It is a simple business idea that involves an external supplier who delivers products/merchandise on your behalf to your customers. It is one of the most specific businesses you can start because it does not involve high startup costs. By growing your customer base in that niche, you can include vendor products in your online store in a particular place, such as yoga products. The dropshipping model is as follows: the customer orders from your online store, you forward the order to your supplier, the supplier delivers it to the customer (on your behalf), and you are left with the difference between the amount the customer pays and the amount you pay your supplier. Although such a business is a small investment, you must remember that you are responsible for your customers and delays. Also, customer service and building customer relationships are significant in such a business.

20. European Funds Consultant

Do you find this a challenging field? It is not like that. I give you a piece of advice: attend one or two courses. An example of a class can be found here: the European fund’s course. Simple financial programs don’t require an outline of your business, so you can start fresh by applying for financing via these programs. Then you can begin writing projects on programs of medium complexity, such as the Startup Nation or PNDR 6.2 startup, to succeed in making more complex projects.

21. Create custom dresses

If you have a sewing machine and are passionate about tailoring, start a business in this field. For example, custom christening dresses are a profitable business going to a niche. The child’s sizes are sent by phone / online, and the courier delivers the dress. All you need is a sewing machine, passion, and possibly a website.

22. Launch your book

A book is ultimately a product that covers a specific need on the market. It can be a cookbook, a comic book, a children’s book, or any other type of book. 

23. Offers online courses

The concept of transforming a hobby into a course has appeared in the US for several years. This refers to whatever you think you know how to do; even if you are not a specialist in it, you can still teach others as long as you are a little more advanced than them or when you have gone through a particular experience before your students. We usually rely on the knowledge and understanding of others; even if they have recently learned something we want to know, they are best suited to teach us because they can share the problems they have encountered. 

24. Sell handmade products

This business idea gives you high control over your business, from jewelry and personalized mugs to handmade scented candles. Unlike other best small susiness ideas for 2022, you will need to ensure you have the necessary stocks, or you can start without stores with custom-made products.

25. Online event organizer

Yes, it is a career that has emerged more recently, but in the last two years, there has been an exponential increase in online events (many of the events have gone from physical to online because of COVID-19). The online environment offers unlimited possibilities for organizing events. 

26. Interior Design Expert

You can focus on this area if you are passionate about planning and arranging a home. Primary resources you need: a laptop, a complete site for promoting services, social media accounts, a full profile with your contact details, and materials needed to create a portfolio.

27. Travel Agency

You can go to a travel agency if you are passionate about travel. For a start, you don’t need a big budget to start a business, but a laptop and a presentation site are necessary. 

28. Copy writing or content writing services

You can start creating content for various companies (content writing) or offer direct copywriting services (research + content writing + SEO). Primary resources you need: a laptop, a presentation site, and social media accounts.

29. SEO Specialist

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process by which you try to improve a site’s position in search engine results for specific keywords or phrases.

30. Investment Specialist

If you like to follow the evolution of specific markets and discover profitable sectors, you can do the same for other people. Primary resources you need: a laptop, a presentation site, a portfolio, social media accounts, and an ad to post.

31. Cooking Classes

If you are passionate about cooking, this best small business ideas for 2022 is for you. You don’t need great resources for such a business; you can film/pose cooking tutorials with the help of a high-performance phone. You create a website, or you can activate it directly on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.

More online or offline best small business ideas for 2022, for young people or entrepreneurs, for women, in the city or the country can be found here: Business Ideas Most are either with or without a small investment or with European funds.

32. Provides training for the use of laptops and smartphones

It is a business aimed at people who do not know how to use a computer or a smartphone. You can take an online course or submit online training for the correct and safe use of the devices. It would be best if you had a lot of patience, and customers will not stop appearing.

33. Create business plans

It is a very profitable niche for people who are interested in business. To start such a business, you do not need a lot of material resources. If you have a business and economic knowledge, you can confidently practice such a business.

34. Create children’s books

It’s a best small business ideas 2022 for people passionate about children’s stories and illustrations. You can write children’s stories, and if you have illustration skills, you can start creating children’s story books.

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