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Top Fat Burning Practical Tips And Myths


Top Fat burning is perhaps the most speculative sports topic that has been exciting the minds of the population for several centuries. Modern living has resulted in the reality that an increasing amount of people are suffering from weight gain due to the lack of physical activity and access to a variety of unhealthy and unhealthy food choices. However the modern media and marketing are actively encouraging the beneficial and in theory accurate idea of an “ideal body”, which thanks to this propaganda people want to have.

But, the majority of people don’t wish to invest the time and effort required to lose excess weight. At this point, various magic supplements, unique diets, and amazing sets of workouts become available. They all promise that they can quickly and efficiently rid one over weight gain, offer the person a perfect figure as well as make him fantasize about having a partner and teach him how to fly, and give him the ability to be a superhero. Yes, it’s true, but make sure that you are aware that these opportunities are very real in the same way as the possibility of acquiring superpowers from famous American comics.

A person who is competent is able to comprehend even at the price of some personal errors and lapses, that such “magic”, as advertising banners on the Internet and TV retailers claim, doesn’t exist and is not real, then it must be remembered that, even during professional sporting events, the subject of losing fat is awash with myths, bizarre misconceptions that are not supported by evidence and practical mistakes.


Fat burning, as we said above, is one of the main topics for speculation, since not every person wants to build muscle mass, show good results in powerlifting or other sports. But to look really beautiful – almost everyone dreams. Of course, it is worth noting that not every delusion is someone’s malicious intent, which involves the promotion of some miraculous product or technique, but may simply be the result of erroneous experiments and untenable ideas with apparent utility. We will consider the most basic misconceptions that will allow you to really adequately evaluate this or that method for losing weight.


Top Fat burning on a specific body part is one of the most interesting topics. Guided by simple logic – “if you want a flat stomach – pump the press”, many people spend hours of their time repeating the same exercises many times and are surprised how long and tedious the path to the desired goal turns out to be. Although in fact, after several months of hard work on oneself without any special results, almost every person gives up this activity, finally disappointed in their own ability to change their appearance.

That is why such a delusion is extremely dangerous. By themselves, physical exercises will not cause any harm, and their implementation will definitely be more useful than a complete lack of sports activity, but you should not expect a quick or at least simply optimally effective result by performing exercises on the press or hips.

To understand why this misconception is fundamentally wrong, you need to gain a deeper understanding of the processes that lead to fat loss in the body. The main operating factor is the lack of calories in the body, causing the need to obtain energy from the reserves of the body itself. At the same time, fat itself is contained in fat cells in the form of triglycerides, which cannot be absorbed on their own, but must first be decomposed into glycerol and fatty acids. The activation of any physical activity speeds up the metabolism and, with a lack of calories, fat reserves of the body begin to be used instead of carbohydrates. However, they are consumed gradually, since metabolism is directly related to the speed of blood flow, while the breakdown of fats occurs throughout the body, and not in any of its immediate parts.


Another misconception is that some people believe that with the right training, you can achieve the replacement of adipose tissue with muscle, however, this is also fundamentally wrong. You should remember the main factor in gaining or losing body weight. Mass (both fat and muscle) is gained exclusively when the body consumes more calories than it expends, and is lost under the opposite conditions.

Of course, intensive workouts for weight loss can lead to an improvement in athletic performance and overall muscle strengthening and improvement in their structure, but they will not lead to an increase in immediate relief, with an energy deficit. Why is there an improvement in performance? First of all, due to the fact that any training leads to the activation and improvement of the entire cardiovascular system, respectively, after just a few sessions, it will demonstrate greater efficiency compared to previous results.

In addition, it is worth noting that with a general decrease in body weight, you will have to some extent expend less effort on the same actions to perform the exercises.


Some people believe that just one “traditional” way to get rid of fat can be enough and, as a result, they try them separately. For example, they take fat burners without exercising or dieting. They go in for sports, eating food in large quantities, or simply diet with minimal physical activity.

As a result, only a few achieve good results, while others simply switch to an alternative way to lose weight, instead of really effectively and quickly getting in good shape using an integrated approach. It is also related to the basic understanding of the processes occurring in the body. Why this approach is not effective will be discussed below.

The diet itself allows you to fulfill the main requirement for weight loss – reducing the number of calories consumed. However, firstly, with a sedentary lifestyle, calorie consumption can still be less than the level of their consumption. Secondly, even though you will receive less energy than you spend it, in the absence of active loads on the muscles and the cardiovascular system, catabolic processes will begin to occur in the body, leading, first of all, to muscle degradation. As a result, this will affect your well-being, performance and, of course, sports performance. An overly aggressive diet can even lead to an almost complete loss of muscle mass, while still having too much body fat.

Active training without dieting will also, with a surplus of energy, lead to an increase in both muscle and fat mass. Thus, you can really partially improve your athletic performance, but it will still be impossible to achieve an ideal figure. With a lack of energy and the absence of a balanced diet, catabolic processes will also begin to occur in the body. Of course, you will lose weight much better, but at the same time, the effectiveness of sports will be minimal, and the overall effect on the body can be really dangerous to health.

Top Fat burning professional sports products are also designed to maintain proper diet and physical activity. Most of this special nutrition activates the metabolism, which, if the diet is not followed and the lack of exercise, can lead to the exact opposite result – the progression of fat gain and obesity.


If you have set yourself the goal of losing weight and are ready to make an effort for this, then you only need willpower and constancy in your actions. First of all, you need to determine the level of exercise you need, and also begin to carefully monitor your diet, constantly calculating the amount of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates you receive.

Understand the basic principles of fat formation. So, most of the fat cells are formed due to excessive consumption of carbohydrates, which, under the influence of insulin, are processed into fat cells. At the same time, a complete rejection of carbohydrates will be extremely harmful to the body – these macronutrients are vital during any load and are the most easily digestible. Also, only the energy received from carbohydrates ensures the functioning of the brain and nervous system. Proteins are responsible for the formation of muscle mass and maintaining their level is essential for maintaining muscle tone and ensuring their effective work during exercise. Fats should be treated with particular scrupulousness – it is recommended to increase the intake of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and avoid foods with saturated fats, especially cholesterol.

In general, there are a lot of diets for weight loss, but choosing the right one, you should follow a few basic rules. First, you should avoid diets that involve a sharp refusal to eat, starvation, or the complete exclusion of any macronutrients from food. This will lead to serious stress for the body and can cause health problems, or a rapid recurrence of obesity. An optimal diet should reduce calorie intake by no more than 200 kcal over five days.

Approaching the question of the choice of training, preference should be given to the most complex options for exercises. Strength training will be a poor helper in losing weight if you just want to lose weight. The main friend of a losing weight person is cardio, which ensures maximum activation of the circulatory system and, as a result, acceleration of the metabolic breakdown of fats in the body.

At the same time, there is now a very active debate about which type of cardio load will be more useful. If it was previously thought that only low-cost, but long-term stress options would be enough for weight loss (jogging, exercising on simulators at the same, slow pace), then modern studies prove the ineffectiveness of such exercises in fat burning, both in terms of lipolysis activity and the number of calories burned directly. Of course, there is a certain plus in such training – they significantly develop the cardiovascular system and increase the overall endurance of the body, but for the fastest weight loss rate, you should pay attention to high-intensity exercises, since the activation of metabolism due to failure to reach the anaerobic threshold occurs only during classes themselves and immediately after them.

High intensity training involves frequent alternation of explosive loads at near-maximal body capacity with periods of low loads and relaxation. The best example of such activities would be jogging or walking, alternating with sprint acceleration. Thus, you can spend much more calories per unit of distance, and reaching the anaerobic threshold (the moment when the body begins to burn fat cells) will allow you to activate your body’s metabolism for a long time (up to two days after exercise).


It should be noted that even though we said above that there are now many different miracle pills on the market that promise to instantly relieve any person of excessive weight, among sports nutrition there are quite well-proven fat burners used by professional athletes .

At the same time, such drugs can be used only under the condition of diet and the presence of active training. The ingredients they contain help boost metabolism, reduce hunger, making it easier to maintain a diet, and block the absorption of certain macronutrients, namely saturated fats and carbohydrates.

In general, most fat burners are really effective training aids and can increase the effectiveness of weight loss by up to 30-40 percent, compared to classes without them. It is recommended to combine them with each other, as well as to provide a sufficient amount of amino acids during weight loss. But you should carefully look at the mechanism of action of each complex, not taking drugs with the same effect – this can be dangerous to health.

In addition, any weight loss is also associated with large losses of various vitamins and minerals, which are recommended to be compensated with the help of special supplements and complexes.

Separately, it is worth noting a number of ingredients that are clearly ineffective in terms of top fat burning effects, however, they are common among both ordinary people and athletes. These are raspberry ketone, green coffee, goji berries, chitosan, chromium picolinate and phenethylamine. Nevertheless, they can also be found in quite effective and efficient complexes – their inclusion has only a commercial effect, so you should not unequivocally reject any drug just because of the presence of such dubious ingredients in it.

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