Healthy Lifestyle Recalibration Program



The Healthy Lifestyle Program is designed to train all levels of your being, regardless of culture or religion. We are starting with the principles of biofield science. This holistic lifestyle improves your health mental clarity and intuitive skills. Makes you happy stimulates. the expression of your Divine nature, and makes you more selfless and compassionate. How we spend our time is the key to a life full of love!

Balanced Lifestyle Changes

A holistic and balanced lifestyle changes our energetic emanations. It creates an attractive magnetic and natural pattern that stimulates the coming to the surface of the Pure Essence Model. That each of us carries deep inside us as part of the structure of the Light Body. Thus, we are infused with the cosmic fire of our Essence. that is with pure divine love through which we regenerate, rejuvenate, recalibrate, reborn, complete, perfect, and liberate. When the cosmic fire as divine love is our dominant pattern or harmonic, we easily enter the flow of higher and quieter energies that are permanently within us and around us.

When we introduce this lifestyle into our daily lives, we get healthier, sleep less, benefit from more intuition and mental clarity, function better in life, and have more time available because energy flows more harmoniously, with less stress and more Grace.

In Essence, apart from the fact that it was created to end the suffering in the world, the 8 points of the Program for a Delicious Lifestyle are easy. Here is a summary of the lifestyle recalibration that we will discuss in much more detail over the next 11 weeks.

  1. MEDITATION – we intend to experience our Essence and receive its gifts.
  1. PRAYER OR DIVINE COMMUNION Рwe speak with (CUIII) the Universal Field of Infinite Love and Intelligence as we speak with our best friend; this may include understanding the power of universal law and the quantum field of intelligence.
  1. POSITIVE THINKING AND MIND MASTER – we understand the power of thought and clear intention in creating reality.
  1. LIGHT DIET – we eat delicate foods and live, so we eat less. “Alive, light, and less” is the new mantra of food.
  1. BEHAVE IN YOUR BODY LIKE A TEMPLE – give him lots of love and fun exercises to enjoy.
  1. ALTRUIST SERVICE – be kind and compassionate all your life, and help others when they ask you without thinking of any personal reward.
  1. QUIET – stay quiet, from time to time, at home or in nature, because that’s how we can hear the voice of our Essence.
  1. SING AND LISTEN TO SACRED MUSIC- because it nourishes our hearts and emotional bodies.
  • Combining the above eight lifestyle Recalibration points changes the brainwave patterns from Beta to Alpha or Theta alert. It allows us to relate to and discover more refined aspects of ourselves.
  • Our lifestyle changes our energy emanations and creates an attractive, magnetic, and natural pattern that allows us to improve our pranic flow, bringing us closer to our Essence’s divine fire and warmth.
  • This cosmic fire is the divine love in which we are reborn, regenerate, perfect, and set free. When the heavenly fire as divine love is our dominant or harmonic pattern, we enter more easily into the Kingdom of Heaven and the energetic flow of the highest dimensions within and around us.
  • So this is our Program for a Healthy Lifestyle for Health, Happiness, and Harmony via Knowledge and Self-Control.

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